Why do people wear watches on the right hand


While browsing the internet, I came across a very bizarre comment on one of the wristwatches forums. This guy posted a question to the forum members asking why people wear watches on the right hand. He further explained that reason for asking the question was that he was in bar and saw a man wearing his wristwatch on his right hand. He confronted him and asked him to change it to the left. The other guy refused and the matter reached near fist fight until others intervened!!!

After a couple of days, the forum member reappeared and said nothing like that actually happened but he just wanted to be controversial! Even more amazing than before, isn’t?

However, putting that strange thing aside, it aroused my curiosity why most people should be wearing watches on their left while some other will put it on their right.

 1. It does not get in the way

Most people in the world are naturally born right handed. That means they do most of their day to day stuff using their right hand such as writing, eating, picking etc. etc. They would naturally want their right hand to be free for such recurring tasks. The same is true for left-handed people who would need to free their left hand for their frequently repeated tasks. To avoid the watch getting in the way, the left hander would use the right and right hander would do the opposite.

 2. Easy to use

Again, it would be easy to use it on the right hand or left depending on the person being right or left handed. As said earlier, most people are naturally right handed, it is easy to read the time on the left while doing work with the right hand.

 3. Avoid the damage

It reduces the risk of damage when not worn on the busy hand. Most people use their right hand to work, it is better to use the left to avoid the unnecessary risk of damage.

 4. Easy to Wind

In the old days, watches were required to be wound manually, at least, once in 24 hours. It is more convenient to wind with the right hand rather than the left hand.

5. Crown digging into hand

Some people will definitely use on the right hand even if they are right handed. The reason being that when worn the crown faces towards the wrist and often digs into the hand. While wearing it on the right hand, the crown faces towards the arm and does not dig into the hand.

6. Drawing attention

Going with the norm never draws attention. You get noticed when you go against the norm. Some people might be wearing it on the right hand just to get attention. They want to stand out in the crowd.

7. Health and Safety

Some people think it is not safe for the heart meridian to wear a watch on the left especially if it is battery powered. This claim is often made by people dealing in Chinese medicine. I have not come across any scientific evidence or other research based support for this claim.

 8. To create contrast

Some people may want to create a contrast if they are wearing other jewellery on their left hand  espicially of the same colour.

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