What is the point of spending so much money to Buy a Watch?


C9_Harrison_AutomaticPeople often wonder why there are so many companies that are making high end expensive watches. When there are so many inexpensive options, is there really a point in choosing to pay more? To put this answer plainly, yes there is a considerable amount of reasons why you should consider paying more for a higher end watch.

As earlier stated, there are numerous reasons as to why one person would want to do this. For one, you have to account for the craftsmanship. Status will be another factor. Still yet, you will also want to appreciate the longevity of the operation of these watches as well as warranties for repair often associated with better quality options.

There are undoubtedly hundreds or even thousands of cheap watch options for someone looking for something that can tell them the time. However, with watches like this you are removing one of the most prized aspects of watchmakers and those who really appreciate watches for hundreds of years: craftsmanship. Many of the higher end companies still offer watches that are not put together with cheap parts on a machine run assembly line. There are real human beings putting time and effort into fitting pieces together and creating each individual watch by hand. This literally can better illustrate the care put into the creation of these higher end watches, as each aspect is inspected and constructed by experienced hands who have taken pride in the creation of these accessories.

You will find that there are many higher end watches that seem to offer a lot more than the cheaper options. One such example would be the non verbal statement that a higher quality watch can make. Since people speak so much using their hands, it is not unreasonable to assume that a watch is easily recognized by nearly anyone a person speaks with. With this idea in mind, you can leave quite a lasting impression with those you interact with that you are someone who takes pride in their appearance and respects higher quality products.

Often times, you will find that higher end watches last longer because their design is better and the parts used within the watch is high quality as well. This is not just the cheapest solution to make the watch as many companies do, but rather choosing the best parts to ensure that the watch will operate as long as it can. This has much to do with the earlier mentioned craftsmanship, but can also be attributed to the higher quality parts that make up the unit itself. That is why so many timepieces like these tend to become heirlooms past down from father to son or some similar arrangement. It becomes sentimental and not just an impressive creation.

Many of the higher end watches also offer very long warranty options for their watches, some of which are lifetime. This means that for the rest of your life, you will only have to purchase the one watch as if anything were to ever happen to the watch it could be repaired by skilled hands and sent back to you.

Of course, these are just a few options as to why many people see the reason in buying a more expensive watch. Sure, there are numerous cheap options out there. However, if you have interest in things like craftsmanship, impressions, and potential heirlooms perhaps choosing a pricier and higher quality option is a much better choice.

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