What is in the Hand Crafted C60 Trident Red Watch Inspired by 1954 Rolex GMT


A classic watch is an important addition to any mans outfit. The C60 Trident Red Watch is a classic timepiece with Swiss automatic movement. It comes with a metal bracelet or green alligator printed leather wrist strap which provide the ability for the wearer to use it for any occasion, whether for diving or in the boardroom.

c60 pro red C60-TRI-SIRR-K

 Durable and Reliable

The watch offers great quality and value for it’s price and can be compared to other more expensive Omega or Rolex diving watches. The maker of the watch even stated himself that the 1954 Rolex GMT was his inspiration when designing the C60 Trident. While the C60 doesn’t have the same charisma behind its name as many other long-standing watch companies, it’s a great new addition to the current diving watch and high fashion timepiece market. It is a durable and reliable watch that can hold its own when compared to watches of similar cost or utility.


Selitta SW200 Movement

The C60 Trident features an option of two simple bands each with their own benefits. The steel bracelet has an easy-to-use clasp and is perfect for serious divers while the alligator printed leather strap is a fancy addition to any outfit. The case is made of sapphire crystal and is 4mm thick which looks stunning in indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios. Being Swiss made and coming equipped with Selitta SW200 movement, the C60 offers incredible value that not many other watches in the price range can compete with.

close view

 An Incredible Sense of Contrast

The C60 Red case comes finished with brushed steel and the lugs are all highly polished. The colorways offer an incredible sense of contrast and the bezel stands out compared to typical glass case watches. The C60 is a GMT watch and provides a uni-directional 24-hour scale bezel. Time can be tracked in either a 12 hour of 24 for hour format and you are even able to track a second time zone. On the back of the watch is a beautifully crafted Trident logo and a summary of the watch information. The second hand of the watch even has a Trident on the very end, which is an awesome piece of detailed watch artwork.


If you’re looking for an incredibly handcrafted watch that offers great value and reliability, the C60 Trident Red Watch is the perfect choice for you. For the price, this watch provides the best value and will endure a lifetime of use. The C60 is the most versatile and durable watch you can buy in its price range and won’t be beat on quality, design, or movement. This is the perfect choice for a wristwatch you wouldn’t mind wearing forever.

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