What Do They Say About Christopher Ward C3 Malvern Chronograph MK II


Christopher Ward Watch Co. prides themselves in creating a wonderful collection classic British-style Swiss-made watches and selling it at an affordable price. In addition, they always try to make their clients happy by supporting them, solving their issues and responding them as quickly as possible. This company believes in customer respect, integrity and honesty. Hence, with its knowledgeable customer support staff, CW Watch Co. always tries to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. Consumers can call, send an email or file an online complaint by visiting the company’s website and certainly, a customer support agent will revert to you within an estimated time period. Those looking for a designer timepiece for a special occasion or a casual purpose can consider browsing the stores of Christopher Ward Watch Co. and select a watch as per their choice and requirement.

C3 Malvern Chronograph MK 2 C3GWT-MK2

C3 M Gold case“This is a brilliant watch. For a Swiss made watch this price is extremely reasonable. This stunning watch is not different than other big brands like Breguet’s, Zenith and Jaeger Le Coulter’s. The only difference between this and the big brands is that it is far cheaper than them. At first, I found the strap a bit awkward, but once you are used to it then it looks fine. There is an alligator upgrade available. I did not go for that so cannot say how that would feel. I would have loved this to be in automatic. It is yet stunning and even without the alligator upgrade.”

 “It has clean face. It is non fussy. For the price, it is absolutely wonderful. The best thing I personally found is that it is 39mm. All other similar watches out there in the mall are 43 to 43 mm which is too big for my smaller wrist. Although, I personally like something with the minimalist design, yet it should have a chronograph with sporty and dressy look. I had some research before I ended up with CW as this one qualifies for my I want.” Review by Bapodara Investment

“I would like to mention here that the pictures on the website are not the best images to represent the watch in reality. I do understand that it is like that for most watches on the internet. The actual watch is a lot better than the pictured on the website. The matt finished case, the polished bezel; the gold finished numerals are all symbols of high quality. The strap is thick and the face of the watch looks brilliant.

I definitely recommend it to others. As a dress watch, it is a bit too thick. But, I believe it can be worn in all types of ways. Like many others, I am also looking to buy another for myself from Christopher Ward.”   Reviewed by Enn Ess

“This is a great watch but I do not like the box within the box. The look of the watch is great but the butterfly clasp is too fussy and fiddly. But that may be only me. I am a bit fussy when it comes to watches. I am still a great fan of Chris Ward and may be buying another for myself in the future.” By Jeffrey

The C3SWT-MK2 Version

Tan leather“It has been about half and one full year that I got into Christopher Ward watches. I put the C3 on my to get list and waited impatiently for the day when I will click the buy now button. I got it for Christmas and absolutely love it. It can be used for different occasions as it is versatile. It can be used as dressy, sporty or casual. If you change the strap, you completely get a new look. The quality is excellent and CWL have always been very prompt in dispatch. Next on my list is the C60 Trident and then may be a C11 Chrono.” By Fergal


The C3SWK-MK2 Version

“I bought it several weeks before and I love it for the following three reasons.

  1. Its look is gorgeous
  2. The performance is brilliant
  3. It offers a great value for money.

I wanted a watch that had chronograph and was Swiss made but did not cost fortune. I also wanted to be different from others. I did not want to wear Seiko and Citizen which so many people wear it. I came across Christopher Ward on the internet and got deeply interested in their range. The watches offer great value for money. They are excellent in look and feel. I also own a Breitling and my CW compliments it. I feel tempted to buy a few of their range soon.” By Hendo

Black strap“I had several CWs for myself and admire the brand. I bought the C3 Malvern Chronograph for my son on his birthday. He is 30 and now and never CW before. For a first time wearer, this is a perfect watch.. It feels very light on the wrist and the smaller size of 39mm will fit most wrist sizes. It is clear and easy to read face without any clutters. If you want to own a watch with superior quality yet offers a great value for money, you cannot beat CW3.”  By Roger

“I did own this brand until I read an article about them published in the Sabotage Times regarding British watch makers. The article sang a lot of praises for the brand. I just conducted some research and it checked the website. I found that the article was honest in singing the praises.  The quick delivery, the luxury box, and a personal letter give you all the feeling of high quality and great customer care.

The watch appears a lot better than it appears on the website. Three people have already shown their interest and when I told them the price, they did not believe it. Although, the clasp is a bit fiddly bit I class it as a minor issue. I am very pleased that I bought it and am looking forward to the pleasure that I will get in the years coming.” By Major Blue


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