Top Three Watches Shops on eBay UK


eBay is a great place to grab bargains. Over the last few years, it has become one of my favourite places to buy my stuff from. There was a time that the auction sites used to be a kind of 50/50 in case of any issues between buyers and sellers. Many people would not prefer to buy from the auction site because of the lack of an effective system where buyers could not see that their transaction would go smooth and in case of any problem would not be ripped off. But things have now changed. The giant auction sits has streamlined its business and now greater emphasis is placed on the protection of buyer. To make sure that sellers do not rip the buyers off, strict postage rates, no negative feedback for customers, high standards for top rated sellers and many other such stringent procedures have been introduced. This has built a lot of confidence among customers on the site.

The watches category on eBay has enormous stock of watches at any given time. There are many sellers who sell branded, expensive and are even authorized dealers with shops on the street. There are others who sell unbranded, cheap and average priced watches. Here are three sellers we singled out for the purpose of this post.

1. Watches 2 u Outlet

Watches 2 U Outlet have been trading on eBay for the last ten years. They started in August 2002 and are still successfully listing hundred of watches every day.

 Rating and Feedback

Watches 2 u Outlet were able to collect 146000+ feedback from their customers. The feedback score in the last twelve months is 99.1%. The following screenshots shows the total feedback, the rating in last 12 months and other standards achievement.


 No of items listed

At anytime they have more than 5000 watches available. We did a search on their current listings and found that there were 5557 watches listed in their eBay shop. They sell almost all brands. There are more than 100 popular brands available in their eBay store. They are the official watch stockiest of all the brands they sell. They have prompt customer service and offer free delivery on all buy it now watches.

 High numbers of sale

We did a search on their completed listings and found that almost every single listing was in green. The green colour indicates the listing is sold while the red colours indicate that the listing ended without any sale. In case of watches 2 u we could hardly find any red listings. The following screen shot shows how successful their listings are.


Some Watches from Watches-2u-outlet

[phpbay keywords=”watch” num=”100″ siteid=”15″ customid=”three top rated watche shops” sortorder=”BestMatch” sellerid=”watches2u_uk” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ itemsperpage=”6″ paging=”true”]

2. Watch Obsession Store

They have been selling watches on eBay since 2005 and have a vast experience of selling quality timepieces. They have accumulated 19400+ feedback during the last seven years. They have a wonderful scoring of 99.9% positive rating. Due to their high average ratings for item description, communication, dispatch time and shipping, eBay awarded them Top Rated Seller status.

They have a high number of items and at the time writing this post, they listed more than 3000 watches in their eBay shop.


Some Watches from Watch Obsession

[phpbay keywords=”watch” num=”100″ siteid=”15″ customid=”three top rated watche shops” sortorder=”BestMatch” sellerid=”watchobsessionstore” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ itemsperpage=”6″ paging=”true”]

3. The Watch Den

They are listing more than 2000 branded watches at their store. They have top rated seller status from eBay on account of their superb customer services, true item description, and prompt delivery and free shipping. They have a massive score of 11685 and their average rating in the last 12 months at an impressive 99.9%.


They sell mostly branded watches and their success rate is quite successful.

Some Watches from The Watch Den

[phpbay keywords=”watch” num=”100″ siteid=”15″ customid=”thewatchden” sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ itemsperpage=”6″ paging=”true”]


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