The New Timeless Classic C9 Harrison Auto Blue


Is timeless? CW themselves acknowledge to have fallen to the trap of using that over used phrase for this watch. But it is really timeless. No other phrase can better describe this. The C9 Harrison automatic were first introduced in 2010. The inspiration behind the launch of C9 was to mark the 250th anniversary of John Harrison, the man who behind the H4 chronometer. c9 auto blue C9-AUTO-SBBR  John Harrison was born in Foulby, Yorkshire, but later moved to Lincolnshire with his family. He was a carpenter and when only 20 years old, he built a long-case clock. Watch experts do not see anything unusual in the mechanism of the clock John made. However, it was a landmark in the history of horology because the special movement was entirely made from wood. It was later in the 19th century that wooden clock movements became popular especially in the USA and Germany, but there is no disagreement on the fact it was John Harrison who first introduced the wooden movement.

The C9 Harrison Auto Blue C9-AUTO-SBBRb is a limited edition of 100 pieces only worldwide. The new edition has a radiant blue dial with a blue strap. The blue galvanic dial and its matching  midnight Italian leather strap is a great combination. Christopher Ward believes that it is timeless in the sense that it will move from one generation to another. As the auto blue is limited only to 100 pieces, it is expected to achieve  a legendary status among the watch fans and enthusiasts.


  1. Self winding
  2. Automatic movement
  3. Swiss made
  4. Limited edition
  5. 100 pieces world wide
  6. Hand polished stainless steel case
  7. Surgical grade stainless steel
  8. Unique serial number which is engraved on each piece
  9. One Piece metal dial
  10. Galvanic Blue dial
  11. Case back is transparent
  12. Alligator (Louisiana) strap
  13. Owners hand book
  14. Luxury Presentation case

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