The C700 Grande Rapide Black Leather C700SKK Grabbed My Attention


I was the proud owner of C5 malvern for for 5 years. I  loved it. I have been wearing all these years and found it absolutely fantastic. Many people would show interest when they would see me wearing it. Surprisingly, very few people knew about Christopher Ward and its product. Five years before, I had seen CW watch with one of my colleagues at work. I was so impressed that I had to sraight away go for it.

This one is a great watch which keeps perfect time. The ETA Valjoux movement gives accurate time.  Like my C5 I heard about this by word of mouth. Although, I had a very good experience with CW, I was a bit reluctant this time. Anyway, I decided to take the jump. I felt reassured that I was still covered by their 60 days money back guarantee. So, if I did not like it, I would return and ask for a refund.

I called CW and asked man700_grand_rapide_C700SKK_.pngy questions as my nature is like that. They answered all my questions right to my satisfaction. Once I was satisfied with all their answers, I hit the order button and took my credit card out of my wallet. The delivery was so quick. I had a big knock by the unruly postman at 7.00 am in the morning. It was my Christopher Ward watch! I was really amazed when somebody from the customer service gave me a follow up call to find out that everything went as I had wished. I was amazed. It was simply amazing.

I find the C700 Rapide black leather even more solid than my Tag Heuer. And trust me, I am not joking. EVEN MORE SOLID FEEL THAN TAG HEUER!      When I showed it to my friend to guess the price, all of them guess approximately three times higher than the actual price.
This particular watch features a genuine, black leather strap fit for any and is priced at around 799 pounds. The C700 Grande Rapide is a member of the automatic chronograph genre. It has Eta 7750 movement and Formula One laser precision carbon-fibre dial. The quality of this watch is unique in every way. Other features include a regulator system, internal tachymeter, and it is Swiss made.

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