The Buzz About the New C7 Rapide Chronograph Watch


C7SKK-390-MK2So you probably have heard some buzz about the new C7 chronograph watch, right? We did too. And, so we decided to present you with a review to satiate your curiosity. The idea of enjoying Swiss luxury was farfetched for many of us before, but thanks to the borderline crazy efforts of Chris, we can all now enjoy the perks of Swiss watches at an affordable price.

But it’s not just about the Swiss tag or the engraved box in which our gift is withheld; although both of these things are enough to lighten someone’s mood. But actually it’s more about what’s inside that box, the little surprise that awaits us, resting on the whitest pillow ever seen.

It’s about the watch itself, which Christopher Ward has classified under Men “sport” Collection and it really warms my heart when they say Ad genus set vivere – to race is to live. This sport’s watch is bound to bring out the inner athlete in those who sport it. And going quite contrary to the gentlemen look, this timepiece screams power, danger and class at the same time.

Defining a product was never this troublesome for me because never ever in my life have I just sat there, admiring and looking a watch like that. It’s really difficult to take your eyes of it. But anyway, the foremost and the most attractive part of the watch that impressed me is the dial. The anti reflective sapphire crystal brings out the colors of the watch in a vibrant way.

C7SKSi-390-MK2 Done in a unique shade of blue, the dial itself holds three others, enabling you to become more accurate and precise than ever. Trimmed in silver outline, the main dial and sub dials add brilliance to the overall look and mind you; if you don’t want people going crazy over your watch, don’t wear it with your formal attire. Just put it in a glass showcase and admire it every morning.

The fantastic color scheme makes the watch iconic and the comfortable black leather strap doesn’t let you feel like you are wearing a watch (forget the part where people stare it and remind you it’s really there).

Unlike the conventional buckles, CW offers a butterfly clasp so that you can adjust the watch’s fitting accordingly. Its pinch proof and leaves behind all its mainstream counterparts with the same kind of design.

The pointed hands carry fluorescent markers on them and the sheer detail on the crown and the chronograph control is noteworthy. The cross hatch etching redefines your gripping experience and helps you set the time with the utmost precision.

Long story short, CW has done a fantastic job and has taken a simple timepiece to the next level. It’s bold without being imposing and simple without being boring. It does its job in the best possible manner while making you look elegant, classy and influential. But more importantly, it’s affordable and lets you have a taste of Swiss, without causing a huge dent on your wallet.

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