Seven Steps Simple Guide Before you Buy a Watch


A wristwatch is unique jewellery in the sense that is worn by both the genders. When it comes to designer watches, especially the known Swiss made brands, both men and ladies appreciate it for their value, style, and beauty. It is the real impression that is the hallmark of a quality designer watch. Although beautiful and stylish, these watches are not cheap. Last month, I treated myself with a Christopher Ward Watch. I had to do a lot of research before I could make a decision. Although, it cost me some time, but at the end I chose a watch which I am happy with. It gives me a great pleasure to look at because I know it satisfies my likings, and I know that it offers me a real value for money. Before making a dent in your credit or debit card, or just pulling out your valet for the cash to be parted, it is well worth to follow some guidelines. This saves not only money but also helps to make the right choice.

 1. Research

This is the age of information. This is the age of research. I mean this is both the age of information and research. As there is a lot of information available, it also necessitates a lot of research to gleam the jewels from the ashes. If you are buying it for yourself, think a bit about your personal likes and dislikes. Do you like gold or stainless steel, or do you fancy leather straps or metal ones. If you are buying it as a gift, it is even more important to know the likes of the recipient. To know the likes of the recipient, it adds value to the gift and a high sense of happiness to both the giver and the receiver.

 2. What material and movement?

As I said in the aforementioned lines, a selection of material like gold, stainless steel, leather etc all depends upon the personal feelings and choice. Similarly, there are watches classed by style and movements such as chronographs, mechanical, self-winding and quartz. People who have a taste for a vintage look may not like a modern glassy and glamorous style and vice versa. Although, a movement may not directly relate to the style of the watch, many people would like to go for a particular movement depending upon their personal requirement. Normally, ladies prefer to go for gold watches while men like to have something like stainless steel, platinum, titanium etc.

 3. What are the extra features?

These days every new gadget is stuffed with a lot features. If you are the one who would prefer multiple functionality over design, then go for one which is fully loaded with a lot of functions and features. Casio watches are among the most multi-functional among the digital watches. Also there are many extra features like water resistance, diving features, calendar, heartbeat monitor, appointment alarm etc.

 4. What is your price range?

How much does a watch costs? This is one of the simplest questions while its answer is one of the most complicated. How much does it cost, £10, 50, £100, £500? A watch can be as cheap as £2 and it can be very well above £20,000! Go only for the price which is your range. Limiting your shopping to your own budget will save you money as well as help you make the right choice.

 5. Should you go for dress or sport?

If you feel young, ambitious, energetic and outgoing, it is best to go for a sport one. They are casual watches and suit a variety of occasions. Moreover sport watches are generally loaded with more functions than dress watches. There are also specialized sports watches like, golf watches, diving watches, swimmers watches, chronograph watches, aviation watches and so on. If you are more of a classic type, then go for a formal dress watch. There is also a choice for people who would like to get both the worlds. Such watches look formal, but have all the sports functions.

6. Advanced features

Some people buy watches simply for one advanced features. They may even go for a single advanced feature rather than many. They prefer a watch which meets the right standard for one feature. These among other advanced features include: data link, thermometer, compass, barometer, altimeter etc.

 7. Buy the watch as well as the store

What does that mean? It means that you check the watch but also make sure that the seller your are buying from is trusted. Trusted and authorized sellers sell only authentic and genuine watches with guarantees, service, returns, repairs etc. Buying from a trusted source will ensure that you are buying authentic and genuine products.



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