Reviving History and Spirit, Christopher Ward British Racing Green Watch


C W C7BRGSi-390-MK2_ ltd EdJust as the previous MKI watch this one is the same; it gives off the triumph, victory, pride, and style to anyone who puts it on their wrist. Its sibling the MKII can be described the same, but it is worth more in many different ways. The designer who designed the British racing green – limited edition wanted a new classy design, but too much to lose the feel of the original MKI. The designer wanted to keep the beauty, purpose and the spirit, while giving the watch a fresh new sense of style and look. It is just enough to make consumers want the new look, but it is not completely different from its sibling watch. With the new aluminum bezel and more sub dials, the C7 MKII limited edition is winning all the hearts of the British fans.


Chr Ward C7brgt 390 mk 2

The CW limited edition watch is Swiss made, so consumers know it is the real deal and they will be getting their money’s worth. It comes with a special back plate engraving, which is perfect for those who want to leave a little note for their loved one. It also comes with a unique engraved serial number, so if by any chance your watch gets stolen it can easily be tracked down and you can have it returned. The best part about the C7 MKII British racing green Ltd Ed.  is that it has anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It gives off a nice look, but does not reflect in the sunlight, which is a win-win for most consumers buying this fine piece of jewelry. Another benefit of having the Chr.Ward Ltd Ed watch is that it is water resistance up to ten feet. It is good for those consumers who forget they have a watch on and accidentally take a swim with it, which does happen form time to time with just about anybody.
Since the British racing green has been introduced in 1903, they have seen many variations of shade; however, it is still the rich deep tone that has been used in the C& Mark II model. They use this shade because it is closely related with the British national racing color and it expresses an emotional response from many motor racing consumers.



You can get the dial in either black or British racing green color. As many consumers who purchased the MKI know the dial is completely unique. As of right now the BRG version of the new Christopher Ward dial is ltd ed and is only going to be sold for 300 watches worldwide, which makes it an instant collector’s item on many buyers wish list. The Chr. Ward London company is currently predicting it will sell out right before Christmas 2012, so if you are looking for this fine collectors piece be sure to snag your watch early before they all are gone.

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