Review of G-Shock Riseman GW-9200


This is the American Version in the red and black  series. This American models comes with the usual thick manual with instructions in several different languages. The 3 D box with big red G is my favorite tin. This watch has been recently released. The curves and the edges are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The Red button on the side and the red eye on the dial is metallic with good decent professional look. Another difference between this and other G shock watches is that it has a stainless steel button with big G engraved on it on the bezel.
The logo on the back case is the flying dragon. On the Japanese model the logo is the squirrel. It is very comfortable and light on the wrist. It is not ridiculously chunky or extremely large. The biggest concern I had on this watch was that being a left handed, I wore it on my right hand and thought that the big button will dig into my wrist, but this did not happen!

Among the physical features is the textured band and the double clasp pin to secure it. The display is sturdy and one of the best models. The Red Eye, day, date, week, month, year are its ususal features. The world timer shows 6 times around the world. It is solar and gets charged by solar energy.

The Altimeter: It reads the pressure of the air. You can read it every two seconds or five seconds. You can set the altimeter to certain heights as you climb up the mountain.

  • Barometer: It gives the reading on the side. It gives the choice to read on the graph or by an arrow.
  • Temperature Gauge
  • World Time
  • 24 Hour Stop Watch
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Alarm Mode
  • Snooze Function

Gw-9200 wave ceptor radio controlledIt will be quite repetitive to mention all the features of Riseman GW-9200 as these have already been mentioned in several other sites. I have mentioned five reasons which makes the GW-9200 my favourite.  While reading other people’s comments across various sites, forums and discussion sites, the most common words and phrases used for this watch were~: super easy, beautiful, stylish, superb, light weight, multifunctional etc. Overall, it got an excellent rating from previous customers. Some buyers left their reviews and comments after a couple of years of their purchase. In the following lines I have enumerated each reason with a brief note on each of them.

Five Things I like About this Watch

1.I am a weather geek

I read a lot about meteorology. I always need to read data and check the barometric pressure. This watch perfectly provides it even without touching a button. The reading is shown in the time keeping mode without messing about any complicated settings. From the pressure drop, it is easy to guess or predict the chances of rain or otherwise.

2.I am a Left Hander

I need to wear my watch on the right hand. Throughout my life, I have always struggled with the discomfort of the crown digging into my wrist. But the Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 Waveceptor has sorted this issue for me. The watch is also extremely lightweight and this greatly adds to the comfort. Also the watch sensor does not stick to your wrist.

3.It is easy to use

Just take it out of the box and it is ready to go. When I received mine, it was already set up. It is also surprising that the manual says to synchronise it by leaving it on a window overnight facing South. I never did that, and it automatically received that. You can change any setting you like manually. Even the recalibrating sensors can be set manually.

4.It is Features Rich
There are so many features of this Casio Riseman. The most common are the barometer, thermometer, alarm functions etc. It is great for camping, hunting and shooting etc.

5.Durability- It is tough
The Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 as tough as a stone. I read several reviews about its being tough. It has stood in the face of toughest condition. I never take it off while performing any sort of work. Exposed to manual work abuse the Casio G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 is a really tough thing. Performance wise it is tough like a Swiss watch and style wise it is as beautiful as a sport car.


What do the customers say about Riseman?

During our research on this watch we found a huge base of reviews by customers across several sites. For the purpose of this research we selected three sites.

1. Watch Shop UK
2. Amazon UK
3. Amazon US

Break Down of the Rating by Customers Who Previously Purchased the Watch

Rating Watch shop Amazon UK Amazon US Total
5 star or Excellent 62 13 75 150
4 star or Very Good 3 5 20 28
3 star or Average 0 0 6 6
2 Star or Fair 1 0 1 2
1 Star or Poor 0 1 5 5
Total 66 19 107 192
Average Rating 4.9 4.5 4.5 4.6

In the above video posted on YouTube, there were 407  comments posted and 98% of them were positive and like the watch.

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