Ward C60 Trident GMT watch


In the sport series of CW, the GMT C60 Trident is one of the largest collections. The Trident GMT is one of those in the C60 Sport range which the fans have termed as gorgeous, fabulous and amazing. At the time of writing this article, there were 20 reviews by customers who had already purchased the watch and used it either for days or months. Here is a detail of the reviews each model within the C60 Trident GMT range received.

Name of Model No of Reviews Rating Price 
C60-GMT-SKKO 11 5/5 £575.00
C60-GMT-SKS 5 4.9/5 £635.00
C60-GMT-SKWK 1 4.9/5 £575.00
C60-GMT-SKWS 3 5/5 £635.00
C60-GMT-SKWBRG22 0 NA £540

One reviewer recorded his opinions about a few months later. This was to reach a real and true conclusion and avoid the positive zeal and enthusiasm one natrually has after receiving a new item. Many times it happens that customers leave reviews when they are too excited about their new product. In the case of the GMT reviewers we have seen some remarks which are based on real time tests. The customer noted that after a use of a few months the watch was stunning, wonderful and amazing. It was worth more than the price and many similar big brands would charge a few hundred pounds more than the GMT price. The workmanship, quality and comfort of the watch have been outstanding.

This is my only GMT watch which I ordered sometimes before Christmas back in 2010. Although, I was promised a quick delivery by the company, but that was not the case. I take it as an exception as that is normally Christopher Ward normally deliver prompt service. Things sometimes, do go wrong and this could be that. This watch has been specifically built by CW when they blended GMT Pepsi with a normal GMT one. This unique blended watch features ETA 2893-2.
I think it is from the Omega 300M Seamaster that the designers got inspired to create this wonderful dial. The hour, minute and GMT hands also seem to have been inspired by the Omega Seamaster. The only difference, perhaps, is the hands here are a bit longer than the Seamaster’s. A little thicker hands would have done better than the current ones. However, that is only a personal opinion. Although, the casing is the same as used in other versions like in all the C6 series such as Kingfisher, the dial and the finishing of the watch make the real difference.

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