How the Timex Weekender Will Save You Hundred Bucks


For $40 bucks you get a watch that just looks absolutely great. It has IWC on the dial and people will pay hundreds of dollars to buy one like that. It has a simple back with water resistance of 30 meters. It is a quartz movement and has a hack function if you want to set the movement precisely. It is a great size which will sit easily on the wrist. It is a nice, simple design with an indigo function to set the days of the week. It is a sort of watch which collectors love. It is one of the most memorable watches that Timex has ever produced.

If you set at desk all day, there is a practical reason to wear the the buckle and the metal strap loops high on the wrist to keep the strap hardware out of the way. It also comes with lot of colour in the bands like yellow, orange, red, brown, black and others.

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