How Did Christopher Ward C11 MSL Black Manta MK1 Automatic Changed My Life?



Time is gold! Do you agree to this old saying? Well don’t take it literally because you won’t understand the essence of time. We all know that time is important. The essence of you living in this world is to make time valuable and do things that are important that does make sense. Time is irreplaceable and you can’t do anything if time already passed and you can’t even undo things or rewind and reset it if you have done terrible things. You only have one chance to take a shot in your life and if you don’t do it time won’t dare to go back on its own just to please you. Knowing the time is important that is why having a watch on your wrist is not just an ornament but an important gadget to track things that you have to do.


Christopher Ward, a British watch company which was founded by Christopher Ward of course with Peter Ellis and Mike France on 2004. The three decided to put up a company having Ward as the watchmaker expert and Ellis and France as the retail and marketing experts. The three have considered how the expensive Swiss watch move in the market having its expensive marketing price. As part of their marketing strategy they focus on direct selling their product to customers and internet forum and blogs has helped them acquire lots of clients from their positive reviews.


Today, after their inception they have already launched several designs from 2005 which earned success and everyone tells a story about how it became part of their lives and how it actually changed their lives. Christopher Ward’s newest models are the C8 Pilot Mk2 –U2 Vintage and the hottest topic when it comes to watches, C11 MSL Black Mantra Mk1 Automatic also known as Chronograph Watch. The Chronograph or Chrono according to many offers an impressive design inspired from jet’s altimeter. This precise instrument has been carefully engineered to fit it the fighter jet cockpit. Having its sleek design, this Chrono had been a very helpful gadget especially when I need it at work. Its design is effective enough in my line of work considering I need a precise time when flying all around the globe.


Its black color has been elegantly considered to look attractive while it lies on your wrist. Its slim profile with the sapphire crystal looks like a perfect fit. Its sleek design perfectly fits my wrist. Its waterproof ability is very helpful especially when I need to do things with water, I don’t need to detach it from my wrist afraid of getting it wet. Its waterproof ability is up to 10 atmospheres or 100 meter under water that makes it perfect during training. The glass which is actually made from sapphire crystal is a museum grade crystal which is scratch resistant. Its automatic movement made by Sellita is very effective. Sellita has a reputation when it comes to accuracy making the C11 MSL Black Manta an advance technology that can change the way you make your task.

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