Casio G Shock GW-3500B-1AER Review


During a recent search of this Gravity Defier, 46 customers reviewed this watch only on one website. ~Forty Four customers classed it as excellent while only 2 customers reviewed it as very good. Amazingly, no-one gave it any negative ratings. reduced the price from £260 to 195.
Excellence, functions, value for money, beautiful, staggering etc were all the common phrases used by customers who bought the watch. Several buyers termed its multiple display time concurrently as one of the best advanced features.

Aesthetically, the watch received 10 out of 10. One customer commented:

Originally I watched several reviews on YouTube regarding this particular watch, to which helped me make the decision to purchase this watch. Overall I’m completely impressed with the overall appearance, feel and weight of the watch especially on my wrist. The design work effortless with good mixture of colours on the display I was particularly attracted and impressed with the yellow on black display which make reading the watch very easy.

There have been many Gs aviation style, but there has never been as good as this one. Any watch can go in the cockpit but every watch cannot do what this model can do. it is capable of withstanding 12 Gs KK. This is more than Pilots are required to take.

The face looks busy. Three digital  dials, two sub analogue dials and one main analogue dials. You can have three different time zones displayed at once.  The watch keeps the accurate time by receiving signals from atomic clocks all around the world. The time accuracy is right up to the second. Also receiving the signals means, you do not have to bother to set the watch manually.

This item is guaranteed against the manufacturing faults for 2 years. The case width is 50mm while the depth is approximately 16mm. It is a tough solar movement which means that it is powered by the sunglight and never needs a battery replacement.  This feature enables the watch to generate power automatically to keep the watch functioning. it also has the multi band 6 radio controlled technology.

The Radio signals automatically detects the local time. The countries where it receives the auto signals are Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, Central America and China. Countries where winter and summer time changes, it automatically set itself.

The luminous coating on specific areas inside the dial provides perfect illumination in the dark.

The stopwatch function which measures the elapsed time 1/100 seconds over 24 hours. Count down timer is great way to use for several purposes. Other than aviation, for which it has originally been designed, the count down timer can be used for a variety of other purposes such as taking medicine regularly or giving interval training.

The daily Alarms
The are 5 daily independent alarms which can be set for different times and are great feature to remind for important things such as appointments. There is also a snooze feature which means that each time you stop, it gives you the option either to dismiss it or just snooze it after a couple of minutes.

Water Resistance

The watch is resistant to water for up to 20 bar (200 meters). It can be used while swimming or diving without scuba gear.

Features in a Glance

  • Full atuo led light
  • Shock resistant
  • Solar Powered
  • Radio Signal Reception.
  • Neo-display
  • World Time Function
  • Stop Watch or Chronograph Function
  • Count Down Timer
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Snooze Alarm
  • Auto Hand Adjustment
  • Auto Calendar
  • Multi format timekeeping
  • Mineral Glass
  • Stainless steel resin case
  • Resin Band
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Water Resistant
  • Shock Resistant


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