Clamour Locket and Love Locked


Clamour Locket Bracelet

Clamour_locket_love_lockedDo you want to be drenched in silver? If you have ever thought of that, then here is a dramatic piece of jewellery from Hot diamonds range of bracelets. It draws the attention of the wearer as well as those around on account of its stream of silver chains and a glittering heart shaped charm.

From the addicted to love collection, this Rhodium plated clamour locket bracelet is made of pure sterling silver with 1 diamond. The chain is 190 mm long while the heart is 22 mm in length.

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 Levanter Lantern Bracelet

Levanter Lantern BraceletFemininity and exotic elegance are a few words to describe this wonderful Lantern Bracelet by Hot Diamonds. The designers have intricately crafted and showed their perfect mastery of the art of jewellery.

The 7 lantern around the chain symbolises to illuminate your personality 7 days a week. The sterling silver sings of its own beauty in both the chains and the lanterns. The 2 (1/2 pt) diamond enhances its beauty even beyond that ordinary style. The approximate length of the bracelet is 170 mm to 210 mm. Available with Hot Diamonds for £120.00 Click the image to see further details and discounts.

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Love Locked Silver Bracelets

Love Locked Silver BraceletsIt locks in love both you and the one looking at you. This is from the addicted to love collection with one diamond and stunning sterling silver materials. It is Rhodium plated and 185 mm long.

This Lovelocked Silver Bracelet is simple, yet elegant and classy. It fits those who do not want to be artificially ornamented, rather to have a natural look of grace and elegance. Lock all those around you by locking your wrist in this beautiful piece of silver.
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