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Featured Watches by C WardWhen considering the purchase of a watch, one must reflect upon the timepiece’s craftsmanship, quality, style and distinctiveness—all obtainable with a Christopher Ward Watches.

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Thousands of hours go into the design of a single CW watch in the Berkshire, England studio, and this dedication and sophistication is clearly displayed in each handmade piece. With other large brands, quality quickly becomes an issue. For instance, one of the main complaints of customers who purchase other companies’ watches is that the piece is not user-friendly. This usually means that any one of these issues is present: the face is not easy to read, the watch is uncomfortable to wear, the piece is bulky or inaccurate. Another serious concern from customers of other brands is that the company’s customer service fell desperately short of their expectations. Customers of other companies have told stories of contacting the customer service department of other watch companies only to be responded to five days later with unhelpful information. Not only are these issues not present with Chris Ward Watches , each beautifully handmade watch comes in a leather box, includes a professional quality polishing cloth and a signed thank-you letter from Christopher Ward himself. msl_automatic_blackC Ward Watches are created by hand by devoted craftsmen in the Jura, a small mountain range just north of the Alps where experts in their ateliers perfect their centuries-old watch making skills. Although the design of these watches is English, they are Swiss made. In order to claim that, the watch movement must be made in Switzerland and it must be assembled there as well. This ensures that each and every timepiece is of the finest quality, which is only achievable by Swiss craftsmen.

They are also unique because of the company’s sales method. Most traditional and designer Swiss timepieces sell through third-party retailers, and are thus available at many retail locations throughout the world. This availability model appears desirable at first, until one realizes that such a model requires the addition of astonishing costs on top of the price of the watch, resulting in a timepiece that is unobtainable for a good portion of customers because of its astronomical price.

C8_Pilot_MK11Added onto the top of the price of such retail watches are costs to cover shipping and freight, handling, stocking, ordering costs if the retailer is out of a particular design that the customer must then special order, taxes, payroll for the retail staff, property costs like mortgage payments or rent, utility costs and many other seemingly unassociated expenditures. The end result is a watch with a markup of, in some instances, in excess of 60%. This means that oftentimes customers are looking at a watch with a price tag of more than 10 times what they should be paying on it. Because this is pricing model is the “norm”, customers mistakenly associate exorbitant prices with quality timepieces. They believe that because they are paying a great deal for the timepiece that it must be the best money can buy. This is untrue; CW Watches are different.

These wonderful timepieces are available only directly through CW, either from their website or by contacting the company’s customer service department to order. This revolutionary new way to purchase watches allows CW customers around the globe access to the best timepieces available without the added costs seen in other watch companies. This results in two pleasantries for patrons: First, there are no problems with availability and purchasing, and second, CW’s prices make their timepieces much more accessible for those who desire a watch of supreme quality.

C8_Trident_GMT_AutomaticChris Ward can offer beautiful watches at sensible prices because the company does not adhere to the outrageous sales method described above. By cutting out the middleman—the retailer—CW does not have to load the price of their watches to cover retail costs. This way, the company’s customers receive the highest-quality timepieces on the market at the lowest possible price. This is not discounting, as in order to provide a discount a company must raise their prices in order to cut them back; instead, CW focuses on providing customers with reasonable prices constantly.

Going back to an earlier point, the company’s customer service is unrivaled in the designer watch industry. With no other designer or company will one find a more helpful, knowledgeable customer service staff; customers who contact CW’s customer service will not receive a recording full of senseless options or a seemingly endless telephone tree. Those who wish to contact them by email receive an answer within 24 hours, unlike other companies who can take days to get back to clients. CW customer service agents can handle any customer question or concern, and are always happy to provide customers with any type of assistance they can, be it answering questions about a watch’s particular features or helping a customer choose the perfect timepiece. Christopher Ward Watches prides himself on making his customers happy, and if that means he must phone them to discuss a concern, then so be it. Clients are important to Christopher Ward , and if they are unsatisfied the staff of CW and Christopher himself will do all within their power to correct the situation. Their culture believes that customer respect, honesty, integrity and a strong code of morals and ethics are just as important to clients as sensible prices and high-quality products, all for which Christopher Ward Watches and his employees strive for.

Matison Diamond Limited Edition Christopher ward watchShould a customer have an issue with a timepiece he or she purchased, CW has a “no-quibble” returns policy. To their customer care department, this means that, should a customer wish to return his or her timepiece for any reason, CW will take the piece back, no questions asked. Many other companies claim to have such return policies in place to satisfy their customers, but when such a customer attempts to return an item, he or she finds that only a proper defense will get them a successful return. At CW, customers never feel like criminals because they wish to return a timepiece. A great product, sensible pricing and stellar customer service is how Christopher Ward respects customers.

This article is a general review of Christopher Ward Watches.

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Please note that the company does not officially sell watches at Amazon or ebay!

At present,  they are one amongst the renowned designer Swiss watches in the market. After getting popular in London, these watches are now dominating the international fashion accessory market as well. These Swiss designer watches are elegant, stylish and of top quality. Although, the brand is comparatively new in the market, they are ranked amongst the best designer branded accessories of today.

Each of the their watches is Swiss-made and of very high standards. Like other popular watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Rado, this brand is also a trusted, highly popular and well-liked watch brand. Recently, this brand has become one of the trendiest and highly appreciated brands in the market. Unlike the big watch brands, the Christopher Ward watches are inexpensive and affordable even for the middle class people. The uniquely designed elegant Swiss watches with a British essence and high-quality hallmark are reasonably-priced, so every common middle-class man can easily afford; and that, too, these designer accessories are available at a realistic price.

These Swiss-made British watch brand of Christopher Ward comes in a number of varieties ranging from sports, diving, army, daily-wear, party-wear, casual and many more. These branded and classic watches with a significantly stylish epitome are perfect to be worn on any occasions. Whether you pair them with a party dress, a casual outfit or a sportswear, these elegant accessories are ideal for you. Some of these branded watches are also inspired by several British sports and themes. Hence, while browsing the online stores or the watch retails, you will certainly find a suitable and stylish Christopher Ward watch for you.

Even though the brand is a relatively young watch brand in the market, it has been able to impress its customers quite well. Since 2004, this watch company is dominating the fashion accessory market. Founded in London in 2004, this small watch company rapidly became a popular and fashionable watch brand not only in the UK, but also in an international level. Renowned for its high quality designer watches, this brand sells its products at a surprisingly low price. This can be the major reason of the growing popularity for the watches amongst the consumers. In addition, the brand has received amazing appreciations from various top-class critics and average consumer groups. Hence, just after a year of the opening, this company grew rapidly and became incredibly popular.

After its consecutive success in launching several designer watches, the Christopher Ward watch company started emphasizing on creating automatic chronograph watches. That’s when they launched two popular designer watches including the C3 Malvern Chronograph watch and the C5 Malvern Automatic. Being a relatively new company, Christopher Ward had to use several new techniques to promote its watches through advertising. It is believed that Ward Watches became popular through several online forums and blogs. A number of marketers used their personalized blogs and websites to advertise this brand and its watches. In fact, the two popular online watch forums including the Timezone and Rolex forum were also involved in making this watch brand a popular one. Furthermore, the online blogs by Dave Malone, the famous Australian blogger, also highlighted the latest model of Malvern Automatic watch.

Some of the most popular their  styles include the classic dress style watches, aviation and the sport watches, and the highly-appreciated diving watches. If you are unaware of any popular dress watch models, then you may consider the classic C20 Lido watch. This elegantly designed watch comes with a beautiful dial and leather strap; it is also available in black or brown leather. This simple yet classy watch is a perfect party-wear accessory for men. Although, the watch maintains simplicity, it also carries an elegant design that doubles the look of the wearer. Another amazing watch model of the same line is C7 Rapide. This is also a great choice of dress watch for men.

While the previous watch model of Lido showcases a simple yet elegant design, the Rapide model of Christopher Ward is the clear winner if you compare both the models for their styles. The Rapide model has a beautiful dial with several features and various readings along its dial’s perimeter. In short, this model is not only amazingly elegant, but also a stylish and designer watch perfect for to use regularly or for the parties. Besides, there are plenty of other models of Christopher Ward watches exclusively for special occasions.

The brand of Christopher Ward is not only known for its high-quality watches, but also renowned for its amazing customer service. The company staffs are courteous and are always ready to walk an extra step to help their customers. Ward staffs are always accommodating in helping their customers, solving their problems and complaints. The company’s ethics include a section with a number of policies including the return procedure in case the consumers are not satisfied with their products. Buyers are always encouraged to look through the company’s policies and read through their return policy and the amazing available warranty offers. The Company offers a limited time return policy on all variety of their watch models. Consumers can take the privilege of free return within sixty days after purchasing the watch and the money will be credited back in their account with no questions asked.

Unquestionably, the business is a trust-worthy and brilliant company in the market. This young and forward thinking timepiece enterprise is London-based and has numerous retail stores all across the UK. However, most of their stores are based online. Hence, customers have always the option to order online. The company’s founder, Christopher Ward, a Liverpool-born entrepreneur, had always the dream to design watches inspired from Queen Victoria’s timepiece creator. With his strong motive and hard work, he succeeded in creating some astounding classic British style watches with modern innovations. In addition, this British watch manufacturer unites Swiss style into each of its amazing timepiece collections.

In short, the Ward’s style watches are luxurious, yet affordable so that every average person can dream for buying one elegant timepiece for himself or his loved ones. In collaboration with the Swiss manufacturers, this British watch company creates an amazing range of exquisite and striking watch collections for the consumers. Ward watches also include the vintage retro style quartz watches of Lido series. These classic Italian style timepiece collections are some of the most elegant designer and affordable accessories for men. With a classic big dial, these watches showcase a bold and strong essence to match the masculine nature of men. In addition, the amazing features and functions of this watch make it a popular designer party-wear watch for men.

Similarly, Ward’s amazing timepiece collections for women include a vast array of stylish models. You will find collections ranging from the vintage-style time piece, trendy modern watches, casual classic watches to even the newest diamond studded elegant party-wear watches. These posh diamond watches are some of the best-crafted and gorgeous time-piece collections for women. With an essence of classic British style and amazing Swiss engineered mechanism, these watches with a hand-polished finish are perfect for you to wear for an upscale party. Embedded with some top Wesselton white diamonds, these amazing watch collections come in both leather and chain straps. Whether you are looking for a stylish designer watch for you or to gift someone special, these archetypal models of Christopher Ward timepiece collections are some of the best choices for you.

This London-based watch company  has a perfect understanding of quality, customer service and business. Hence, the company creates high-quality watches as it understands that success always depends on the remarkable service and the outstanding quality products that they deliver to their customers. As a result, with an upright commitment to design best and quality timepiece, this company has been successful in making their customers happy and satisfied.

If you are looking for a discounted Christopher Ward watch for you or to gift someone, then you may consider using the promotional codes to get these elegant timepieces at a cheaper price. Using the promotional codes to buy the CW designer watches are often used by a plenty of online customers. This is undoubtedly a great way to get amazing branded products at a cheaper price. For getting these discounted promo codes , visit authorized websites selling their watches and accessories. In addition, you may also consider checking the official website of Christopher Ward Watches as they offer several promotional codes on their products time to time. Furthermore, you can also check their discount sales that they regularly announce.

However, the Christopher Ward watches are surprisingly affordable in contrast to their popular rivals like Rolex, Omega and other Swiss watch brands. Although these watches are affordable, they are of high-quality and offer better features. In addition, the company and its staffs always make a conscious effort to create a wide array of new, trendy and classic luxury watches within the affordable price range. Hence, the middle class buyers prefer to buy these watches as they pay less in contrast to other luxury watch brands. Another factor that influences the price of the Christopher Ward products is the direct sale; this brand doesn’t involve any middlemen or retailers to sell their products. Hence, this brand doesn’t actually have the same high margin requirements to sell its products in the market unlike other competitor companies. That’s why this brand sells their high-quality products at an affordable price.

Consumers can buy these watches directly from the CW sites or from their stores; if not, they can also call the actual company’s customer support and place an order. After making a purchase, the watch will be shipped to your address within a particular time period mentioned by the company’s customer care executive. As you already know that the company offers you a 60-day return policy and the limited warranty option, you can always return the product if there is any defect or issue with it. Also, you have another option to call up the customer care and discuss about your product. If the product has some minor issue, you may able to solve it all by yourself and without even sending it back to the company.

Buyers may consider checking out different forums to learn more about the product by reading some real customer reviews. Most of the online watch forums have threads about a particular CW watch model. You can just search online and click on the related thread to read the customer reviews, pros and cons of that watch models. Usually, most of the consumers find this brand affordable and satisfying as they get stylish designer Swiss-made watches at a reasonable and discount price. Some online forums also have threads with promotional links that lead you to a site with discounted coupons for CW watches. You can always ask a question by participating in these online forums and learn more about the model that you are interested to buy. If not, you can always follow the threads and find out what others say about the Christopher Ward watches.

Christopher Ward Watch Co. prides themselves in creating a wonderful collection classic British-style Swiss-made watches and selling it at an affordable price. In addition, they always try to make their clients happy by supporting them, solving their issues and responding them as quickly as possible. This company believes in customer respect, integrity and honesty. Hence, with its knowledgeable customer support staff, CW Watch Co. always tries to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. Consumers can call, send an email or file an online complaint by visiting the company’s website and certainly, a customer support agent will revert to you within an estimated time period. Those looking for a designer timepiece for a special occasion or a casual purpose can consider browsing the stores  and select a watch as per their choice and requirement.


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