Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Automatic


Christopher Ward introduced the Harrison Automatic to celebrate the H4 time keeping piece first designed by John Harrison in solving the problem of longitude faced by sailors. Sailors needed a way to mark their locations on a map so that they could return to that place. At that time sailors were reliant on the sailor being able to accurately compare his time with that in Greenwich. This was very difficult without a clock so Mr. Harrison built one. By using John Harrison’s clock invention one could determine the longitude of any given location by looking at the clock when the sun was at its highest. For example, if the clock shows it s 3:00 when it is noon locally then you know you are a third of the way around the world. Since a circle has 360 degrees a third of it would be 120 degrees which would be your longitude. The clock was first tested in 1736 after five years of testing. From this clock the time keeping industry gets the bimetallic strip and the caged roller bearing. A bimetallic strip is used to keep time keeping mechanisms accurate in varying temperatures. This strip s also used in thermometers, thermostats and heating devices. The Caged roller bearing we get the ball bearing that is so important in many tools today.
The C9 Harrison Automatic watches are made in Switzerland. This assures the wearer of quality. Products bearing the made in Swiss label must be made of parts made in Switzerland, be assembled in Switzerland and have their final inspection n Switzerland.

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Wearers will enjoy the 43 millimeter over-sized case which makes the hands of this watch very easy to see. Harrison watches are water resistant and are 13 millimeters tall. The Harrison watch bears a unique serial number on the see through case back which is on a leather strap. The Christopher Ward watch vibrates at 28,800 per hour with a 38 hour power reserve.
The Harrison Automatic watch (GMT) is designed in Berkshire, England. They are built in Switzerland using ETA ebeuche movements. ETA has been in business since 1926 and is the company that high end companies use. The watches also use quartz movements made by Ronda which was started in 1836 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland.

Christopher Ward Watch Company does not advertise relying on the satisfaction of current customers to spread the great word about their company to their friends. They then are able to pass the savings on to their customers.
The company guarantees the customer will be happy with their purchase. If you are ever unhappy with your purchase it can be taken care of. Customers may even talk to Christopher Ward himself if they choose.
Wearers of this Harrison watch will not be disappointed in the looks of this watch. It is very easy to see and yet stylish. They will also delight in being able to share the story of John Harrison with others. The watch is made in Switzerland.

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