Christopher Ward C700 Grand Rapide Stainless Steal Stole My Heart


I had read so much about Christopher Ward Watches on different forums. Before I had a look at their selection, I did not show any particular interest in the company as it was absolutely unknown to me. But the more I read about my favorite watches on the related forums, the more I got interested in CW. It clicked my mind that when most people were mentioning them right next Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega etc. there must be something of value. So, I straight away logged on to their website to browse their range. It was very impressive to see a fantastic range. I came across C700 Grande Rapide stainless steel version and was really struck by its beauty and elegance. Being a member of several watch forums, I just posted a couple of questions and the responses were phenomenal.C700 stainless steel strap reviews

The design is attractive and does not look like my neighbor’s driveway as one of the comments put it for fun. Comparing it with Tissot, I would say it is even better tC700_Grande_Rapide_-_Steel.pnghan that. When I looked at Tissot in blue, I was drawn by the C700 Grand Rapide in steel instead. A friend of mine had C5 Malvern and he was very impressed with the quality of the watch. He already had a great experience with CW and recommended that if I liked the design I should go for it. He suggested that the named evoked a racing pedigree and the sporty flair added by the carbon fiber was unmatched.

The Bulova and Accutron with V7750 were hard to get for a price like that. No, they were not, at least from eBay. But trust me the design of C700 had struck me right at my heart. I checked Tissot PRS516 Chrono for an equal price. I also had a look at Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono available for $1300. The Longines conequest chrono for $1800 and Oris F1 Williams for $2000. But for the style and finish  I found myself pressed to find anything cheaper.

Without any further delay, I took my wallet out and make a hole  in my credit card. I clicked the buy now button and bought it.

When it arrived, It has exceeded my expectations. It was above what I had thought of it.

The Valjoux 7750 is one of the best chronographs available in the market. Actually, it depends which brand puts their name on the movement. If it is a higher brand, the price will be sky high. Who cares, that it is CW name on the movement. Some big brands have put their names and they cost thousands upon thousands. The movement is very accurate and reliable, this is pretty sure.

I also have a good way of finding out whether I really like something or is just a temporary zeal for the item. I leave it for a week and then come back to it. When I still fancy it, I know it is my real love. This is exactly what I did in case of the stainless steel Rapide C700.

While searching on several forums, some people even suggested C40 Speedhawk. I did compare the two side by side. But C700 beats C40, man!

The C700 Grande Rapide Steel is made of exquisite steel and has a convex sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Other features for this watch include water resistant, adjustable quick-release butterfly clasp, and SuperLuminova SLC1. Technical features for this watch are 42mm diameter, 13.9mm in height, 209g in weight, Eta 7750 calibre, and 28,800 vibrations per hour.

If you are interested to see images of the watch from different angles and read reviews by previous customers, Click here to visit the official site.

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