Christopher Ward C7 Bluebird LTD Edition a Tribute to Campbell Railton Blue Bird Car


Sir Malcolm Campbell will forever be remembered for his land speed record on a Campbell-Railton Blue Bird car. This final record-breaking car of Sir Campbell was the motivation behind the C7 Blue Bird Limited Edition watch that was launched during the centennial celebration of the icon’s first ‘Blue Bird’ car. At the same time of the introduction of Chris Ward’s new creation, the company had also become the Official Timing Partner of Blue Bird.

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Going into the details of the Bluebird, you will readily notice the outstanding design of the dial. The color is an obvious reflection of the iconic car. Looking closely on the dial, you will see the more intricate elements that signify the effort to recreate the speedometer of the Blue Bird. It relives the record-breaking moment when Campbell’s car exceeded the 300mph limit during his 1935 attempt. The exquisite Greek-inspired guilloche was chosen to enclose the Blue Bird emblem as it perfectly highlights the icon’s symbol. Both the hour and minute hands are purposely cut short so as not to overpower the already dominant appeal of the dial.


The long and overly thin hand for the second does not want to complicate the inner look of this accessory. Its subtlety is very elegant and seems to propose the idea that you’re dealing with a luxury here. The screw-in back plate of the C7 is very impressive with its imitation of the design of the wheels on the Campbell car. It was skillfully crafted to call the attention of whoever takes a glance at it. The black strap of the C7 Bluebird watch is very appropriate for the overall look of the timepiece. Unlike the common leather strap of ordinary-looking watches, this one is incorporated with white stitches, giving it a fresh but confident flair.

The measurements of the C7 Edition watch gives utmost consideration to the fact that racing watches should be slim and light. Its diameter is 42 mm, with a thickness of 10.7 mm. The C7 Blue Bird Limited Edition watch is very comfortable to wear because its weight works in tandem with the soft leather strap to give the wearer a relaxing feel on his wrist.

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You are also assured of this watch’s durability with the Ronda 3540.D working inside to empower the very reliable Quartz chronograph movement. The case is made of stainless steel, 316L that can resist water pressure of up to 100m. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is topped with an anti-reflective coating to give your the C7 Blue Bird Limited Edition watch a tough guard against foreign objects. It contains the signature SuperLuminova of almost all Christian Ward watches, emphasizing this particular piece’s glowing blue dial even without any light source.

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This Blue Bird Limited Edition watch is simply too good to miss. It tries to preserve Sir Campbell’s unmatched history in a timepiece with a delicate modern touch and a generally classy appeal. At its price of £499.00 or $830, you are sure to get the best value for every dollar you pay.

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