Christopher Makes C1000 Typhoon FGR4 Ceramic its Own


Being a fan of CW for a while, I was intrigued when I saw the Typhoon. This is a new amazing model and looks to be IWC top gun esque. But the twist (British RAF) is nice and great. The customised JJ03 7750 movement and its titanium and ceramics material look a fantastic lovely combination.

full front face

It would not be an overstatement that is at par with Bremont without the silly price. Some people complained about the price tag, but I am sure those fans who understand that “new thing” in the C1000 Typhoon do not hold back from it for its price tag.

Sometimes, a silly mistake is committed which for the most part remains ignored. When they introduced the single pusher, the CW plaque stuck to the dial made it ugly. Trust me, several people commented on that. In the C900 World Timer, the same JJ movement was engraved as triple J at the back case. I could not match the Typhoon aircraft shape with the real one. The fore planes are missing.


Did you see that? I did not notice it for days when I was looking it. I saw it on a forum when one of the members spotted it. First, I thought that he might have been mistaken as a layman (like me) could not probably differentiate the aircraft versions. My doubt turned into certainty when the member confirmed that he was a Typhoon engineer in the RAF.

However, that wound not put me off personally. May be the designers did it on purpose and was not a silly mistake as assumed. I still love it. It is just like IWC homage. I like it more than any Omega version.  My previous experience with CW speaks of the unmatched customer service. Once you buy a watch from them, you become their lifetime fan and customer.

I know that they copy and imitate a lot of other manufacturers. Many times they are not innovative enough to bring out a completely original thing. Agreed. But, who cares? They do not simply imitate it. They make it their own. The biggest literary imitator was Shakespeare, yet he is the most original of all writers! How? Because he borrows the idea, but makes it his own.

Christopher Made C1000 Typhoon its Own! Click here for more information on the CW site.


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