Christopher Combines Function, Design and Usability in C900 World Timer


Great applaud for this wonderfully crafted watch. This is a serious work and piece of engineering. A great contrast between hands and dial, it allows the watch to fulfill its primary function. The workmanship and detail on this watch is really admirable. Not in a disparaging context, but the watch seems to be a true piece of novelty. But the novelty is not simply a novelty. It is combined with function and usability.nine_undred_wt_fv

The JH2 which is JJ01 movement and the JJ02 of C900 (C900-WT-SBBR) have been both put on the front side. This makes the CWL brand more visible and their stance for strong movements and sticking to high standards.

Some people thought that it would be scrapped like the gold version of the jump hour last year. However, that did not happen. People like it. People like it for its design. They like it for its style. They like it for its complication. They absolutely love it for is functions and usability.

Like the Monopusher, this admirable piece of engineering was described by some people as cluttered and a size too big. That was an initial reaction on some forums when the watch was not yet released. After the release, the clutter was called designed and the size a style.


The C900 world timer is a watch to be worn daily or on special occasions. But the story does not end here. It will pass on to the future generations. The legend will continue. If you own it, it will be the busiest watch that you will wear and it shall have a distinctive place among you collection.

When I was short listing my would be collection this year, I included it among Tudor BB, Patek and Omega. Any watch that I have really fancied after my Harrison GMT is this one.


  • ETA 2893 automatic movement
  • Synchronized with rotating disc
  • 24 and 12 hour format
  • Individual airport codes
  • 3-dimensional world map dial
  • Single crown function
  • Calibre JJ03
  • Bespoke modification
  • Hand finished case and crown
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Serial Number engraved
  • Personally assembled by Johannes Jhanki
  • Certificate signed by JJ
  • Presented in a luxury box

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full picture with box

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