Watch Movements Mechanical, Automatic Or Quartz?

An analog watch has several parts: a case, a face, and movement. The term movement refers to the internal mechanisms that make the watch keep time. The face is composed of the dial and hands that allow us to read the time. The case covers the face and movement. Despite advances in technology, the basic […]

What does a COSC certification or Chronometer rating on a watch really mean to me?

The value of a COSC certification or Chronometer rating is just like beauty: the value is determined by the eye of the beholder. For premium brand companies like Rolex and Omega its clearly used as a kind of marketing tool to promote the fact that there brand is special and unique. And that when you […]

What are fake, replica, look-similar, and counterfeit watches?

Counterfeiting or forgery to produce replica goods and show them as genuine is so much common these days that it has become a huge separate industry. Counterfeiting has always existed and there was a time that it was a only considered to be a mini cottage industry, now even bigger, global and more organized. According […]

What Should I know about buying NEW watches from Internet Dealers including Auction sites?

One of the major financial purchases we make today is buying a watch. Watches are more than simple time pieces of the past. They are fashion statements, trend setters, and economic status markers. Quality and a good price are usually the two driving forces that influence our purchase, but can you find these standards when […]