How to Maintain High Grade Mechanical Swiss Watches?

You must be very proud to have been the owner of that fine Swiss mechanical watch. May be, this is the watch which will become a heritage and passed down to many generations. Swiss mechanical watches are high quality watches which are highly durable. But do they need maintenance? Of course, after all, they are […]

Seven Steps Simple Guide Before you Buy a Watch

A wristwatch is unique jewellery in the sense that is worn by both the genders. When it comes to designer watches, especially the known Swiss made brands, both men and ladies appreciate it for their value, style, and beauty. It is the real impression that is the hallmark of a quality designer watch. Although beautiful […]

Some Deisgner Watches are More than Just Telling Times

Have you ever thought to buy a luxurious authentic and designer watch? If you are interested in one, then the best thing would be to do a little bit of research. As designer Swiss watches are normally expensive, it is not wise to go for one without doing your home work first. Fortunately, internet is […]

How did the clock turned into a wristwatch? A brief history

Since last few centuries wrist watches have been used in many cultures as symbols of social status. Among many other reasons, only three are, perhaps the most dominant to attract people to use them on their wrists. These are: Precision Elegance Convenience This, however, does not mean that they are simply bought for their technical […]

Top Three Watches Shops on eBay UK

eBay is a great place to grab bargains. Over the last few years, it has become one of my favourite places to buy my stuff from. There was a time that the auction sites used to be a kind of 50/50 in case of any issues between buyers and sellers. Many people would not prefer […]

Top 10 Online UK Retail Outlets and Sites to Buy Watches From

Whether it is a holiday season, or you just need to buy a gift for someone for an occasion or maybe you simply want to treat yourself with a nice watch, it is always wise to get the best bargain both in terms of price as well as quality. Apart from price and quality, the […]

Why do people wear watches on the right hand

While browsing the internet, I came across a very bizarre comment on one of the wristwatches forums. This guy posted a question to the forum members asking why people wear watches on the right hand. He further explained that reason for asking the question was that he was in bar and saw a man wearing […]

What is the difference between a chronograph and chronometer?

A chronograph is a watch which records time between two intervals. It has hands displaying hours, minutes and seconds. It can be either digital or analogue. In ananlogue watches, the chronograph function is carried out through sub dials inside the main dial. Each dial measures the time between intervals in hours, minutes or seconds. In […]

What is the point of spending so much money to Buy a Watch?

People often wonder why there are so many companies that are making high end expensive watches. When there are so many inexpensive options, is there really a point in choosing to pay more? To put this answer plainly, yes there is a considerable amount of reasons why you should consider paying more for a higher […]

Why Should I Buy from Authorized Dealers? Advantages and Disadvantages

1.    Guarantee and Warranty Watches which do not cost a lot of money may be purchased without going into digging deep to find out the well known sellers. Such watches may be either cheaply replaced with new ones or can be repaired by any watch repair shop without costing any huge sum of money. However, […]