C900 Single Puhser theMost Complicated and Striking CW Watch


Chris Ward have not yet produced a watch as expensive as the C900 Single Pusher. The team at CW think that the chronograph is beyond question and it is the most complicated watch since the company started manufacturing watches. The sophistication of the watch is at new level and the value it offers to more people proves true the “Unique Value Equation of Christopher Ward. The Company owner Chris Ward himself feels moved by the sight of the Single Pusher. He hired Johannes Jahnke, the popular and known designer, to give practical shape to the imagination behind the C900. Expressing his emotion at the launch of the watch, C.Ward said that he was so moved that he even cried with the feelings of pride and joy when he first saw the watch and that more complicated watches in future will not erase the special image of the watch from his mind. The C900 C900SWKR is a limited edition and limited only to 250 pieces all over the world.

single puhser front veiw

What are the features?

  • Hand wound mechanical chronograph.
  • Bespoke Unitas by Johannes Jahnke and Jean Fillon
  • Continuous seconds
  • 250 pieces limited edition
  • 30 minute totaliser sub-dials
  • Dials operated through central crown function
  • Johannes Jahnke’s personal assembly
  • AR08 coating and museum grade sapphire
  • 3-9 bi compax 1 piece white optic dial
  • Transparence case back
  • Movement and case engraved with serial number
  • Premium quality strap
  • Louisiana alligator strap
  • Certificate signed by Johannes Jahnke
  • Owner handbook
  • Luxury presentation box

view on the hand

The C900 single pusher is not a norm. It goes beyond the norm. It soars high and reaches the wildest dreams in the watch making industry. It strikes the mind in that not only is it beautifully designed but it is mechanically interesting. Although watches like Patek, Montblanc, Roger Dubuis, Rolex, Omega etc may have produced pieces like that, but the single pusher stands side by side of these giant names, yet it is more affordable and of the most significant watches ever seen before.

Let us take a look at other well known names and their mono pusher and compare their affordability with CW C900 single pusher chronograph. The watch is priced at £2450 or $3819. If we compare this to Bell & Ross WW1 it costs $7600, the Longines Column wheel is priced at $10,000! Now CW is far below other mono pusher and the introduction of such a complicated at such an affordable price is a real feat of accomplishment.

back view of c900

The timepiece is a real achievement of CW and a great success of the ethos of the company to offer real complicated and exotic mechanical watches at affordable prices. As is the movement complicated, so is the style striking. After the Jump hour release, this seems to be the most excellent follow up of Christopher Ward.

Johannes Jahnke said that the last chronograph he made cost £70,000 but the problem is that he hardly saw anyone wearing them. Now Christopher Ward changed the scenario by giving him the chance to produce an affordable watch which many people would be able to buy and wear.

I heard some people talking about the high price. But as I wrote above that in comparison to other monopusher its is really really cheap. Also all the 250 pieces of the single pusher were assembled personally by JJ. Do you know how many tasks are involved and how long does it take to assemble one watch? There are more than 100 tasks involved and there are so many parts and only one part like fitting the hairspring can take as much as 40 minutes! Now consider the cost and the price!

Reviews of C900 single puhser chronograph

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