C90 Power Reserve, Love Sought is Good but Given Unsought is Better

the C90SKK  model

C90SKK Beckett Power Reserve

I like watches, but I do not know too many technical things apart from a few features and the aesthetic value of a timepiece. I hardly write any reviews for stuff I buy online as it requires time to describe things in detail and honestly. For me personally, it is not enough to read statements like “great service” or received very fast, or great packaging etc. No doubt, these are important things to consider before buying from any online site, but these considerations come only once we have made a choice of the product. Many people may not feel like as I do. But I usually do not make a dent in my credit unless I am absolutely satisfied with the product I buy. Customer service, fast delivery, packaging, discount are virtues to be considered but they are only secondary.

When I saw my C90 after opening the package, I fell in love with it at first sight. For me it was not an unsought love, but I was absolutely amazed at the difference between the image I saw on the website and the actual watch. It looks far better than the images. In simple words, images never did it justice.  It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, but trust me; the actual thing is worth a million words. The watch is quite big and the rear exhibition and the power reserve are its fantastic features.


C90SWK Model

Before buying it, I read several forums and blogs and even watched the videos. I spent a lot of time while searching sieving through the information. The best place, however, is the C90 own official website of Christopher Ward. I like real reviews more than the bloggy type. There were a few reviews at the official site which may gave me a very good idea how people who had already bought it responded. All the reviews were positive and 5 starred. I did not find a single negative point by the customers who bought it before me. Another reason for sticking to the official website is that along with actual reviews, you also have enough details about the features, functions and technical information about the watch. Also, there are so many images from different angles to give you a thorough view of the watch. But the images still do not do the justice, remember? My recommendation is to proceed to the Christopher Ward site and see the information there without wasting anytime around the internet.

The feel is bold and solid; it impresses the mind and pleases the heart. The quality is outstanding and the detail is a wonder. Many customers are stunned at the superb quality, the unique make up, uncluttered design, and elegant style. When I read a review by Andrew Moody, I was convinced that it was the time to go for it. Andrew considers it to be above IWC.

Anyway, I am absolutely delighted with the watch and am planning this time to buy a GMT. I wish I could go for the Single Pusher.


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