C9 Jumping Hour MK 2 Limited EditionC9JH-SWKR-MK2 is the Real Deal


My wife called my crazy when I pulled the trigger for it. I simply could not resist it. When I saw it, I whispered to myself, “Man, that is for me.” Before that I was thinking of Panerai California which I know is a totally different design and look. Also, I had planned for the Panerai California and would take my another two years to be ready for it. But when I saw this on the CW site, I spoke to myself. Before I could be struck by the stick by indecision, I had pulled the trigger and made a dent in my credit card.

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Not only was it that, but I had pre-ordered it and when I posted it on the forum, I received so many congratulations with a lot of request to post the real photos. I never pre-order things and this is the first watch that I had ever pre-ordered. I was carried away by the grace of the piece.

Click here to see on the CW Site.

Christopher Ward watches are really a great deal. I have followed all their great brands on their online shop. Their first jumping hour was a great success. It was followed by the insane mono pusher chrono which received some unbelievable responses from fans. Now the C900 Jumping hour MK11 is going to make a great contribution to the wonderful range. The COSC Makairas and Tridents have already established themselves.

back case

My biggest assurance was that I could test drive it for 60 days without  worrying if it failed the test. The movement is also guaranteed for five years. You will get a hand signed letter welcoming you to the CW family and service which extends to the whole of your life. I have not come across any such deal anywhere else. This is the real deal.

The dial is clean and unique. It really stands out from the crowd. The movements look very clean and I love to see it on my wrist. I still remember that when I pre-pre-ordered it, I would get up at three clock in the morning and log in to Christopher Ward site to see if it has arrived! I would have a brief look at the pictures and go back to bed. I would go to sleep while lost in the imagination for my C9 Jumping Hour MK2.  Call me crazy if you like. 🙂 🙂 🙂

full watch with papers and box

Once it was in stock, it took around a week to arrive across the Atlantic.  The large window and uncluttered dial makes the reading super easy.

One thing which I did not understand at all till this day is that it says Calibre JJ01 on the dial but JJ001 on the case back. I have absolutely no idea!

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