C9 Harrison GMT Automatic C9 GMT SST Sophistication and Elegance


The C9 Harrison GMT Automatic C9 GMT SST is a watch of extreme sophistication and understated elegance.  It was created as one of a series of three watches to honor the legacy of John Harrison’s H4 Chronometer that finally allowed ships to navigate longitude.  As such, the C9 Harrison GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Automatic tells time not only in two time zones simultaneously.  The current time is represented in the brushed metal finish, whereas GMT is indicated with a triangular tip.  The watch’s ETA 2893-2 automatic movement, which makes this all possible, can be seen through the exhibition window on the back of its case.
The C9 Harrison GMT movement is Swiss made and its automatic movement is powered by 21 Jewels.  It boasts a large 43-mm case, made of hand polished surgical-grade stainless steel that is water resistant up to 5 atm.  This means that the watch can withstand about 50 meters of water depth, so it can be worn while playing sports and swimming in shallow water, but should not be worn while bathing, snorkeling or scuba diving.
The ETA 2893-2 automatic movement is a Swiss-made, true GMT movement for dual time zones, and runs at 28,800 beats per hour.  When the “home” time zone is changed, so is the GMT hand.  It boasts an Incablock shock resistance that is meant to withstand a 1 meter drop to a hard surface, as well as the occasional bump.

c9 back view

The watch face is made of brushed steel, with fine beveled Arabic numbers, a minute and a second hand.  It also consists of a minute counter, which measures 30 minutes per rotation, and hour counter, which measures 12 hours per rotation and a center stop—second which measures 60 seconds per rotation.  The GMT hand has a triangular point which points to the second time zone of choice.

The C9 Harrison GMT Automatic’s watch strap is leather, with an adjustable strap and an easy opening butterfly clasp.  There is an option upon purchase to upgrade to alligator skin.

One of the signatures of this product is the engraved individual serial number.  Christopher Ward also offers a 60-day return policy, as well as a 5-year movement guarantee.
clower view
Purchasers of the C9 Harrison GMT Automatic SST have delighted in its understand elegance, vintage look and feel, and outstanding time-keeping.  Reviews keep pouring in that the quality of the product is “second to none,” and that its “layout and detail are exquisite.”  Many have remarked as to its subtlety in design, and its refreshing lack of garish bling.  Other reviewers cited its “accuracy is amazing,” and that its “ETA movement is nicer looking than many and the crystal back shows it to great effect.”

While astronomers had long believed the answer to longitudinal navigation lay in the stars, it wasn’t until self-taught horologist John Harrison came along, that the answer was found in timekeeping.  By knowing the difference between the time at one’s home port and the current time aboard ship, ships could accurately keep track of their position.  Of course, for this difference in time to be tracked, timepieces needed to be accurate within seconds.  In 1760, John Harrison, the horologist who finally solved the longitude problem that had been plaguing seafaring voyages for centuries, made a portable version of his chronometer, the H4.  With the creation of Harrison’s H4, the chronometer had been reduced to the size of a pocket watch.  No longer would sailors be lost at sea because of flawed navigation when traveling east or west.  Created in honor of the 250th anniversary of John Harrison’s longitude-solving chronograph, the C9 Harrison GMT Automatic SST similarly and elegantly places time-keeping and navigation into the hands of its wearer.
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