C8 Pilot MK 11 a Retro Design


The C8 Pilot Watch Mark 2 from Christopher Ward is a watch that has been rated highly by many of its buyers and recommended to watch lovers around the globe. Many customers have claimed it to be one of their favourite Christopher Ward watches due to the fact that it does not ware and stays in good condition after many months of use.
C8SKT-MK2_Brown_leather C8SKT-MK2
Thanks to the members of the  Ward Watches forum who put their voice forward for the introduction of this watch. The company is customer and fans driven and so their voice of love for the retro design and luminous hands was heard. CW the top rated watch designers heard and brought out the staggering highly rated Pilot Mark 2.

The C8 Pilot Mark 11 comes has a slightly different colour scheme to other C Ward watches. It has a dark blue background on the clock and is easy to read due to the great contrast between the white and black colours. The watch is solid and you can feel that it is well made when you first hold the watch. The exhibition window on the back is smaller than other designs but shows you enough to see the watch working. The leather band can be changed really easily as it clips on and off which is great if you want to change it from the original brown colour to go with what you are wearing.

Feel and touchc8_pilot_mk11_c8swk
The C8  Mark II is a heavy watch that has solid features and a nice case thickness. The brown leather band has a fantastic feel to it and is comfortable to wear, with a white inside that has shown no ware after 6 months of daily use to one Christopher Ward customer. The crown of the watch is rather big in an onion shape which is new for CW and on some other watches has been known to dig into wrists or hands easily, however with Mark 2 they have managed to avoid this problem. The crown is soft and easy to adjust if you want to change the time.

C8SKK-MK2 black leatherNo wear
One popular Chr. Ward customer decided to do his own video review on the watch on YouTube and shows that after 6 months of daily use there is almost no ware shown on the watch and it looks almost brand new. In the video review he mentions how delighted he has been with the watch and how well it has done for him, he is an avid watch fan and said that he will be keeping the Mark 2 due to its quality and it having no wear at all. This is a fantastic bonus if you are looking for a new watch.


Final View
If you are a fan of retro watches or Chris Ward then there is no doubt that the  Pilot M 11 would be a great addition to your collection of watches. With a slick design, easy to read and comfortable wear the C8 Pilot has been rated 5 stars by many of its buyers. The best thing about the C8 Mark 2 is the ease to change its wristband so you can have several wristbands to suit your style, and the fact that it barely wares down even after months and months of use. The  Mark 2 is highly recommended to all watch enthusiasts or as a gift for your loved ones.
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