C70 Rosso Corsa


Chr Ward Rosso Corsa WatchThe C70 Rosso Corsa C70IT model was inspired by the Italian Red Racing Colours. This colour has been made world famous by the well known Italian racing cars such Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Ferrari . The truth is that this colour is so specific to these classic cars that when one mentions any of these the red colour comes to the mind spontaneously. Ferrari particularly has be come synonymous with rosso corsa, i.e the red racing colour. It is this very much red colour and its association with brands like Alfa Romeo and Ferrari that inspired the C70 Rosso Corsa watch by the popular British watchmaker known as Christopher Ward of London. The C70 Rosso Corsa is a limited edition watch with a production of only 500 pieces throughout the world. Like some other models by Christopher Ward, this also comes with a personally signed certificate of authenticity and its own deluxe luxury presentation case. Embellished in red colour inside the dials the watch features 22 jewel Swiss quartz movement and a chronograph dial with multiple functions. It also features the tachymeter bezel and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Technical specification includes a height of 10.7mm and diameter equals 42mm. The watch weighs 80g and the calibre ETA is 251.272. As it has been mentioned earlier that Christopher Ward do not have middlemen or brokers and they sell only via their own official website. So to learn more about the C70 Rosso Corsa watch you may click on the image or the learn more button to see further details.

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