C70 DBR1 Chronometer Version Limited Edition C70DBR1-COSC


C70DBR1-COSCAre these 300 pieces or 500? The manufacturer website mentions in one place these to be 500 limited editions world wide, while in another post it says these are 300 globaly! Another site known as tempusfugitwatch-dot-com mentions the C70 DBRI were limited only to 200 pieces. My guess is that these were initially produced 200 and then increased to 500! May be, I am not sure!

Whatever the number, customer have found it to be at par with Rolex. Customer from UK, USA, America and Europe have expressed their pleasure at buying the timepiece. One customer even preferred it to Breitling and Tag Heuer. The C70 DBR1 has stirred the passion of the watch enthusiasts around the world. It has done wonders by attracting such high brand watch fans and switched them over to Christopher Ward. The limited C70 DBR1 celebrates the famour victory of Aston Martins and reflects its detail by its striking design.

To quote the customer from Christopher Ward Forum:

The C70 is a beautifully crafted watch and I now wear it with pride. I own both Breitling and TAG watches, but prefer to wear the C70GB. The detailing is superb, I would class the quality of the clasp and leather strap on the same level as Tag Heuer, when opening the superb presentation box and removing the watch from its box, it felt as if I had just made a £1000 purchase. I will recommend Christopher Ward watches to colleagues, friends and family……

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