C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite C600IPK


tri tech c600Mixing Gaseous Tritium Lighting Methods (GTLS), a new Helium Launch Control device as well as a fabulous diamonds tough PVD surface finish around a single diving watch has by no means been carried out previously, taking the C600 one of, if not the, most cutting edge diving timepieces throughout this entire world. Certified to Fifty ATM This is actually the best serious diving watch

Christopher Ward Tri-TechTM Technologies discussed

1) One-way Helium Release Valve built-in into the writst watch case safeguards the watch below excessive stress modifications as well as can be on auto-pilot stimulated.

2) Self-powered micro gas lights (GTLS) from Mb-Microtec shine way up to One hundred times better compared to Luminova paints for up to Twenty five years without having any kind of want for a charge coming from an outside source. Guaranteed for Ten years.

3) Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coveringof the case produces an ultra-hard working surface for highest damage resistance.

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C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite C600IPB

C600 Tri-Tech Diver Elite C600IPB

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