C60 Trident GMT Automatic


This C60 range is one of the most sought for range by Christopher Ward of London. The watch is called trident as it shows three time of three different time zones simultaneously. Its popularity among the fans is evident from the fact that the company had been consistently reproducing it for its customers. Not only that, it comes in five different models, each one with slight variation in design and style irrespective of any functional variation which remain the same throughout.  We have listed all the five models here.


c 60 trident gmt skko

Inspiration is one of the driving forces behind any successful person, business or a group. CW draws inspiration from such events which are not less than legendary. The C60-GMT-SKKO model is based on the inspiration drawn from Rolex Dual Time GMT Master which was developed while working collaboratively with Pam Airways back in 1954. It was called dual because it had the incredible and useful function of telling the time in two different time zones at one and the same time. In order to achieve something similar, Christopher Ward designed its own super watch C60-GMT-SKKO model by using ETA 2893-2 automatic movement to be its power source. The Rolex GMT Master was dual time and could tell the time in two separate time zones at one time, but C Ward have jumped a mile longer i.e. the C60 Trident C60-GMT-SKKO is able to tell time in three separate time zones simultaneously!

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c60 gmt sks by christopher ward review

This wonder and stunning timepiece received 6 reviews from the customers who bought it earlier. One reviewer said that if one wanted not to spend thousands, yet to a get a watch worth thousands, one should grab this before it is gone. Others decided to prefer it over Omega Seamaster Pro 2254.50 even before the SKS was released.  This GMT will not only save over a thousand dollars or pounds, but also feel you proud as it was featured on the wrist of Random Celebrity in the Sunday Magazine.

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C60 Trident GMT Automatic C60-GMT-SKWK


This is one of its kinds. I am not saying it is sporty. I am not saying it is designer. I am not saying it is classic. It is sporty, designer, classic and beautiful!

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Chris ward C60 Skws

Not that it is cheaper than the Rolex version and so I will go for it. Customers actually bought this and left Rolex when they were offered both for the same price. Is it the design or the functionality which let customer forsake Omega and Rolex for it? May be some will say it is the design while others will fight for its functionality. The reality is, both. Functions and style, design and features, look and quality are all combined in this magnificent watch.

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This brand is newer than others, yet it gets out of stock as soon it appears on their website.  I have just heard that they are working now on any new bracelet which is much improved having diver’s extension. It will have Omega like clasp and micro adjustments.Currently, the watch comes with an option of metal bracelet or alligator leather printed strap.

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