C5 Malvern Aviator Automatic Watch


The Steel Bracelet C5SSS

The C5 Malvern Aviator Silver Steel Bracelet is a limited edition watch by the famous Christopher Ward of London watches. The total number of watches is limited only upto 1936 woldwide. The C5 Malvern aviator black leather watch is the amazing wristwatch to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the watch which was first designed for aviators. The stunning C5 Malvern Aviator is one of the glaring pieces among the range of Christopher Ward Watches.

The silver dial completley blends with the silver stainless steel bracelet and casing. All the numerals as well as the second, minute and hour hands have been designed to match in colour with the over all style. The hand polished case and the exhibition back add to the unrivalled value of the the timepiece. The seen through back is an unusual feature to see the working of the watch in action.

Once customer who previously bought the steel bracelet model describe it Rolex without a name. Others have termed it as absolutely stunning, fantastic, excellent, elegant and amazing.  To read more reveiws about the customer who bought it previously you may proceed to this page.

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Tan Leather and Alligator C5SST

C5 Tan Leather malvern Alligator upgradeThe iconic as they call it. This timepiece has been the favourite of watch collectors and fans. It is also available in the alligator upgrade. At the time of writing this article , this amazing wrist watch was available at Christopher Wards’ site for £265. If you want to fly a step higher, then the company offers the wings in the form of upgrade.

  • alligator upgrade
  • Delux Box upgrade
  • Engraving upgrade. Write a nme or even a message.
  • Upgrade to high quality paper and satis ribbon.
  • Make a lasting impression by upgrading to this watch.

Swiss Made Automatic Watch containing the eta 2824 Made this watch has all the hallmarks of a quintessentially English designed watch.

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Brown LeatherC5 Aviator MK 11 Brown Leather Modle C3SWK

This is the C5 Aviator MK II Swiss Made Automatic Watch containing the eta 2824 Made this watch is limited to a series of 1936 pieces.

    • Brown leather
    • Stainless Steel case
    • 5 years warranty
    • Alligator upgrade available
    • Elegant style
    • Made in Swiss
    • English in Design
    • Great value for Money
    • Directly available from Christopher Ward Site
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The Quartz Model Galvanic Dial C5SWK
QuartzThe C5 Malvern Quartz is just what exactly the legendary C5 Malvern Automatic is nevertheless in a quartz release. The brand new wrist watch has the same attention to details and excellent, as the original, having a convex azure clear glass with anti refractive layer, a surgical grade 316L chrome steel case and a screw-in crown.The C5 Malvern Quartz by Christopher Ward Watches is a fantastic option to its range of swiss watches. As with any other Swiss branded timekeeper, the C5 Malvern Quartz has all the features of an exceptional watch.The Company’s Official website says about the C5 Malvern Quartz:
The C5 Malvern Quartz is everything that the iconic C5 Malvern Automatic is but in a quartz version. The new watch has exactly the same attention to detail and quality, as the original, featuring a convex sapphire crystal glass with ant-reflective coating, a surgical grade 316L stainless steel case and a screw-in crown. The only real difference is the Ronda 515, single-jewel Swiss quartz movement which is accurate to within 0.3 seconds a day.

Like the automatic steel bracelet the quartz model also comes in polished stainless steel case and bracelet with a stunning pure silver desgin. Unlike the silver steel automatic, the quartz numerals and hands are light black to give it a bit of contrast.To find out more click here

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The Black Leather

For a truly classy timepiece, the C5 Malver Automatic Watch is the perfect pick. It is truly worth your weight in gold.
There are also different styles to choose from. You can choose from a leather or stainless steel design. There are even digital watches. No how old you are, these watches will compliment your wardrobe.
Be aware that these watches are Swiss made as well. This means that you will get the best quality ever. There are features such as automatic movement, an anti-shock system, 38 hour power reserve, and anti-reflective sapphire crystals.
These pieces are limited editions from the 1936 collection. They are reminiscent of the aviator era. If they’re durable enough for an aviator, then they’re durable enough for you. You will wear this watch for many years. It won’t scratch, resist, or fade. It’s truly long lasting. You may hand them down to your kids and grandkids.Swiss Made Automatic Watch containing the eta 2824 Made this watch is limited to a series of 1936 piecesThis is the C5 automatic malvern watch with stainless steel bracelets. This model has found many admirers and has been very popular among the fans of Christopher ward watches. Recently there have been reviews and comments highly commending this fantastic timepiece.The date window is set traditionally against the 3 o clock position. The inside dial looks very light creamy against the black hands and CW logo. For more information Click here

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