C5 Battle of Britain


Christopher Ward has been making watches since 2005 and his C5 Battle of Britain creation will please many who like to wear expensive looking watches. This Christopher Ward watch was first offered in June 2010 being made to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
The battleThe Battle of Britain happened in mid and late 1940 between Germany and Britain to establish air superiority during World War 2. It was the major turning event in the eventual defeat of the Germans. The C5 Battle of the Britain watch looks similar to the watches worn by the pilots during this battle. The watch has the King’s crown and laurel on its face. The watch also uses the shape of the propeller blades of the most famous plane, the Spitfire, to form its hands. The Spitfire was the most important plane during this battle. It was a newly designed short-range high-performance interceptor aircraft and was in production throughout World War 2 being by R. J. Mitchell and Joseph Smith for Supermarine Aviation Works.

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Production of the  watch is limited to 1940 pieces celebrating the year the event occurred.
Christopher Ward watches are designed in Berkshire, England, where Christopher and his top designer arrive at the office at 7 am. Like many of the rest of us he cherishes the quiet of the early morning and views it as some of the most valuable ti
Christopher Ward Battle of Brtainme of the day.

C5 Battle of Britian contains Swiss made mechanical and quarts movements. The mechanical movements are made by ETA which specializes in the production of ébauche movements. The company which traces its roots back to 1926 makes the mechanical movements for many high end watches. The quartz movement of the watch was made by Ronda. Ronda was started in 1837 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland.

Unlike many of their competitor Christopher Ward Watch Company does no advertising. They believe the best form of advertising is seeing one of their watches worn by a friend or business colleague. Because they do not use advertising they pass on the savings to the consumer. Christopher Ward Watch Company also does not pay any big name performer to wear their products. They also pass this savings on to the consumer. They believe they only need a modest profit on each watch to make a profit passing the savings on to the consumer.

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Christopher Ward watches are assembled in the great watchmaker’s paradise of Switzerland. The law is very specific on what Ward Watches C5 Battle of Britaincan claim to be Swiss made. Seeing this on the Battle of the Britain watches assures the wearer that its movements are Swiss, it was cased in Switzerland and the final inspection occurred in Switzerland.

Wearers of this watch can be very proud to own one. Not only are they an outstanding watch but Christopher Ward donates 5% of the value of each sale to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Why not do something good for yourself and the soldiers who help protect you?

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