C20 Lido is a better choice for me than Rolex


c20 Lido stainless steel braceletI had always wanted to own a Swiss made watch for a long time, but due to financial reasons could not afford one. During all this time, I kept on reading reviews of so many brands of Swiss Designer Watches. This satiated my thirst of having a watch and also gave me the knowledge of what kind of watch shall I go for once my budget allows me. I wanted something that could surprise my friends at the sport club and other at the social gathering. At one point of time I was thinking to plop down for $2100 for a Tag Heuer. But then came across the CW watches and after reading all the reviews decided to go for the C20 Lido watch.

When I received the watch, I was amazed at the stunning style, craftsmanship and the beauty. It was a lot more beautiful than the one shown in the pictures.  If you ask me, I like it more than Rolex, Omega, Gucci and Patek.

c20 lido tan leatherWhen I wear the watch either at work or at social hang outs, people always pass remarks about it. Some people feel it and appreciate it very much while other even ask where did I buy it. I always refer them to Christopher Ward website.

The service is outstanding and so is the quality. This is not my last watch from the company and I have already started saving money for my next purchase. If you are ever interested just visit the CW site and read all the reviews yourself. You will be amazed what other people are saying about it.

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