C11 MSL Black Manta MK1 Chronograph is Different from the Norm



The C11 MSL Black Manta MK1 Chronograph, manufactured by the Christopher Ward Company, is different from the norm and is definitely in a class of its own. The founding company for this watch has its headquarters in Berkshire, United Kingdom. Without a doubt, the C11 MK1 Chronograph is not your average watch as there are many things that set it apart from the usual designs. You can define a man simply by the watch he adorns, so they say. If you are looking for a unique way to stand out, then think of getting this fabulous wrist watch. Having said that, let’s look at some of the traits that make this a great brand.


At its inception, the founders of Christopher Ward, namely Christopher Ward (which is where the name was obtained from), Peter Ellis and Mike France decided to look for an outstanding way to sell their product. Chris Ward had a background in watch making, but the other two, Peter and Mike had expertise drawn from their toy store business. This fact created a perfect blend of skills and is what propelled the company to one of the best watch manufactures today. The three were well aware of the fact that, to differentiate their style and sell the Black Manta MK1 Chronograph, they had to veer from the norm.


Insiders from the manufacturers of the Swiss watch had informed the trio of the extremely high costs of marketing the luxury piece. So, what did these brilliant business men do? They choose to use this factor for their advantage, by going against this current. The team at Christopher Ward chose to sell the C11 MK1 Chronograph directly to the clients as opposed to having retail outlets do the same. Marketing of the brand is the first distinction among this watch and the usual pieces. This worked because, instead of focusing on the cost of expensive marketing tactics, direct selling skills allowed clients to get a quality watch at a relatively affordable price.

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By effortlessly blending in technology and marketing, the C11 MSL Chronograph created a distinct allure. The internet, as we all know, is a powerful marketing tool. When coupled with the power that its users have, the Christopher Ward watches can only be marked for greatness. Unlike the usual watches where you often have to visit the store in person, purchasing this watch saves you time, thanks to the fact that shopping is done online. It is not only a discreet method, but it also provides an individual with some convenience. Among various unique characteristics of the C11 Manta Chronograph, the best thing is that it is fitted with Selitta SW200-1 movements. Get this timeless piece and flaunt your individual style.


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