C11 Makaira Pro 500 Watch Review



Are you a professional diver or do you just want to look like one?  If either is true, the Makaira Pro 500 watch may be just the addition to your gear.  This latest watch from Chistopher Ward in London has precision movements and details that make it a sleek looking and sturdy watch, but don’t let the looks fool you, this watch can even withstand up to 735 psi of pressure without losing even a second!


  •  Self-winding Swiss automatic movement
  •  Internal countdown bezel
  • Swiss made
  •  Marine grade stainless steel case
  •  Luminous hands and indexes
  •  Adjustable rubber strap
  • Water resistant to 500 meters
  • Date calendar
  • Antireflective museum-grade sapphire


Why the C11 Makaira Pro 500?

Whether you are planning to dive into the depths of the ocean or even a deep lake, getting the proper equipment can make the journey both easy and safe.  Why not get the ultimate in diving watches, the Pro 500?

With Swiss automatic movements, sleek design and durable construction; this is the perfect watch for your next diving adventure.

This is the newer model of the C11 diving watch and the  Pro 500 also sports the sword-shaped hands and the oversized numbers 0, 3, 6 and 9.  With the new countdown bezel you can align the numbers and watch the time count down until you are either out of air or your boring meeting is over.  The countdown bezel makes this watch a bit different from other diving watches from Christopher Ward.

It can withstand such a high pressure that it could go at least five hundred meters deep without losing even a second of time.  With more mundane functions like the hours, minutes, seconds, date and calendar and even an adjustable band, the Makaira Pro 500 is a great choice for diving or enjoying a night on the town.  The hands glow in the dark, so keeping track of the time in a dark movie theater or in the deepest crevice of an underwater mountain will be no trouble at all.




The stainless steel case resists corrosion and keeps salt water from wreaking havoc on the watch.  It also lends a durable quality to the watch as you dive to the depths of five hundred feet or so.
Christopher Ward has produced many top quality watches and this one is sure to add to the good company in their offerings.  While usually a conservative watch designer having the internal bezel and the two stem controls make it a bit more daring than other models to this point.

The C11 Makaira Pro 500 has a stylish engraving on the back case of an Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin, the fish for which the watch is named.


  •   Swiss movements
  •  Countdown bezel
  •   Rubberized and adjustable strap
  •  Marine quality stainless steel case
  • Luminous hands
  •  Water resistant up to five hundred meters deep
  •   5 year movement guarantee


  •   Expensive to purchase
  •  Stem to control countdown is at 2 O’clock position

Overall, this watch can be recommended for the serious diver or someone who just wishes to look like one.  It comes from Christopher Ward and a long line of successful and durable watches.  If you can invest the money into this watch, the five year movement guarantee can give you some piece of mind that it will keep running as designed.



What are people saying about it?

“Regardless, it’s still a cool and unique 500m diver offering, and a nice beginning to a revitalization of their divers, which have remained the same for sometime.”-Z. Weiss from Worn and Wound.com

“It’s certainly feels well built and robust enough? Just looking at it you can believe it capable. There are photos of people diving with their C60s, C600s and Kingfishers so we know the brand has a track record of serviceable dive watches.”-Joey

“This, by the way, makes the watch more versatile, since, from afar, it looks like a nicely crafted pilot and you can easily wear it with a bomber jacket without attracting quizzical glances.”-World Watch Review

“Just as the Atlantic Blue, Black and Indo-Pacific Blue marlin are among the strongest, fastest and most impressive fish in the world, the C11 Makaira Pro 500 is one of the finest, strongest and most striking dive watches.”-WatchMobile7



This watch provides straightforward functions within a Swiss made watch.  The adjustable watch band can fit just about everyone and the strong construction means that it can withstand your best diving or urban adventure and still look like a classy timepiece.

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