Swiss Balance Ladies Watch Bangle Style RRP £129.99

This is a beautiful and stunning bangle style Swiss Balance Ladies Watch.  The watch comes in a stunning luxury presentation box. We have got a few of them to clear. Here is a great chance to grab this wonderful time piece. More than 80% OFF the RRP! [scabn name=”Swiss balance ladies bangle” price=”19.98″ fshipping=”2.99″ options_name=”colour” […]

What Do They Say About Christopher Ward C3 Malvern Chronograph MK II

Christopher Ward Watch Co. prides themselves in creating a wonderful collection classic British-style Swiss-made watches and selling it at an affordable price. In addition, they always try to make their clients happy by supporting them, solving their issues and responding them as quickly as possible. This company believes in customer respect, integrity and honesty. Hence, […]

New Christopher Ward Autumn Even Sale

I am always on look out on sale on Christopher Ward. With every season, they announce some kind of fantastic sale. This year they have a very big sale which is 15% off most of their brands. Click the following image to see fantastic offers.  

Christopher Makes C1000 Typhoon FGR4 Ceramic its Own

Being a fan of CW for a while, I was intrigued when I saw the Typhoon. This is a new amazing model and looks to be IWC top gun esque. But the twist (British RAF) is nice and great. The customised JJ03 7750 movement and its titanium and ceramics material look a fantastic lovely combination. […]

Christopher Combines Function, Design and Usability in C900 World Timer

Great applaud for this wonderfully crafted watch. This is a serious work and piece of engineering. A great contrast between hands and dial, it allows the watch to fulfill its primary function. The workmanship and detail on this watch is really admirable. Not in a disparaging context, but the watch seems to be a true […]

C9 Jumping Hour MK 2 Limited EditionC9JH-SWKR-MK2 is the Real Deal

My wife called my crazy when I pulled the trigger for it. I simply could not resist it. When I saw it, I whispered to myself, “Man, that is for me.” Before that I was thinking of Panerai California which I know is a totally different design and look. Also, I had planned for the […]

Panerai California

This fantastic watch is one to feed those who are addicted to vintage watches. These were luanced in a very limited edition. Only 1000 pieces worldwide. [phpbay keywords=”panerai california” num=”6″ siteid=”15″ customid=”panerai california” sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″]

Christopher Ward C700 Grand Rapide Stainless Steal Stole My Heart

I had read so much about Christopher Ward Watches on different forums. Before I had a look at their selection, I did not show any particular interest in the company as it was absolutely unknown to me. But the more I read about my favorite watches on the related forums, the more I got interested […]

The C700 Grande Rapide Black Leather C700SKK Grabbed My Attention

I was the proud owner of C5 malvern for for 5 years. I  loved it. I have been wearing all these years and found it absolutely fantastic. Many people would show interest when they would see me wearing it. Surprisingly, very few people knew about Christopher Ward and its product. Five years before, I had […]

C5 Malvern Quartz MK 11 C5-Q-SWS-MK2

Not many do I order on the Internet. But this was an exception. A real exception. I had tried to look at as close as possible at the official site and then read reviews left by other customers. Unfortunately, only two other people had purchased and left their opinion on the site. I could not […]