Antique vintage 18K white gold diamonds ELOGA Swiss watch


This is an exquisite ElOGA ladies watch. This is an extremely rare model and is believed to have been of the earliest pieces made in Switzerland. It is an 18K white gold and beautifully decorated with diamonds all around the bezel. The rectangular bezel, inside dial and the strap are in stunning and perfect matching combination. According to the seller of this wonderful piece, it has been in the possession of a family for the last 40 years! They have must have cherished and cared for it a lot all these years. The watch condition is great as  is its perfect winding mechanism with absolutely perfect function. Are there any signs of wear and tear? Amazingly, the only sign of wear (which the seller describes invisible) is at the inside of strap. Find it on eBay.

Eloga_rare Eloga_diamond




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