An Overview of Pocket Watches


Pocket watches have been in the watch industry for centuries.  Since their introduction, they have never been out of fashion completely. Not only that, the ones intorduced a couple of years ago have now become collectibles with the increase int their value. In this lines, we have taken a general overview of the most famous and sought after pocket watches these days.

Antique Pocket Watches: A Timeless Gift

Antique pocket watches are still as popular today as they were a few hundred years ago. The value of these antique pocket watches is obvious. Originally, pocket watches were passed down from one generation to the next as family heirlooms, making them a timeless gift of antiquity. These watches were usually silver or gold and etched with intricate designs usually with leaves, vines or unusual finishes in brushed or hammered precious metals. Most had white watch faces designed with large black roman numerals and spidery minute and hour hands. They hung from chains and fobs with equally beautiful design. Often, these watches were associated with organizations like the Masons, Fraternal Order of Moose or were presented to an employee for longevity by a workmens union or their employer. Some of the most famous antique pocket watches are those worn by railroad men. These distinguishing features added to the overall value of pocket watches. The value of antique pocket watches are often determined by the watchmaker who created them.

Antique Pocket Watches Today

Though they have been largely replaced by wrist watches, antique pocket watches have grown into a widely popular collector’s speciality. Many are bought or traded at large commercial trade shows.  When thinking about purchasing silver pocket watches it is important to remember that it is a piece of history. That watch is connected to a concept that has been around forever. People have always tried to find a way to mark time whether it was in broader terms such as seasons and day or night or in more precise terms using a watch to keeping track of time in the smaller terms of hours and minutes.


So when looking at silver pocket watches you should not just consider the beautiful design or the way it feels in your hand and pocket. You should also consider the history and work that went into making it possible to hold such a huge concept, time, in your hand. The convenience of being able to keep it in your pocket occurred over centuries of inventions to find the most precise ways to mark time. This connection makes silver pocket watches a wonderful idea for a gift. By giving them such a gift you are showing them how thoughtful you feel they are. You are giving them a connection to the past and present so they can mark the special times occurring in their life.


Gold pocket watches are a timeless and elegant piece of jewelry. This is a watch that is made to be carried in a pocket rather than worn on the wrist. These types of watches have been around for thousands of years and we will still see them around for many more. A gold pocket watch can be used as an everyday watch or can be incorporated with formal wear and worn as an enchanting piece of jewelry. Gold pocket watches are an everlasting gift to give or receive. This style of watch can be antique and handed down from generations with sentimental values that last forever or they can be bought brand new, and given as a memorable gift. Gold pocket watches can be inscribed on the back with personal messages. There are many styles of gold pocket watches to choose from. Whatever style you may choose, whether young or old, everyone can find a gold pocket watch to fit your style. A gold pocket watch will age beautifully throughout the years. Gold pocket watches that are given as gifts grow sentimental values and personal meanings that last forever and cannot be replaced. Gold pocket watches never go out of style and are starting to regain popularity among the United States.

Swiss Army

Originating in the late 1800’s, many items designed to be of great use to the Swiss Armed Forces eventually created a great reputation. Due to the quality, artistry, and bold statement associated with this collection, these items have become greatly appreciated. The Swiss Army Pocket Watch is certainly no stranger to a person of good taste.
Recognizing the registered trademark of Wenger and Victorinox, owners of the name “Swiss Army”, the superiority of each piece is undeniable.

Over 100 years ago, Swiss Army pieces were engineered with the most accurate movement available, the construction is the same today. Crafted to last a lifetime, these watches are quite durable and befitting for any social occasion.
Swiss Army Pocket Watches offer a multitude of choices, in combination with each watch displaying bold hands with precision quartz movement. Ranging from a bold black case to a sophisticated brown, these watches cannot compare to any other. A true Swiss Army Pocket Watch, only purchased through an authorized retailer ensures you receive a factory-original watch complete with a warranty.

Many retailers offer the quality driven artistry of a Swiss Army Pocket Watch. The affordable prices of these beautiful pieces offer versatility, without substituting the highest of quality. Swiss Army Pocket Watches make for an invaluable gift or an enjoyable addition to the timeless pieces in your Swiss Army collection.

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