An Amazing Entry into Luxury Watches C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph Watch


At $3,300 the C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph watch is another amazing entry to the long list of luxury watches. It offers superb quality that can rival most luxury watches that are priced at $5,000 making it a very good investment for watch aficionados.

The main attraction of the C900 is its patented Caliber JJ02 single pusher chronograph movement at the center of the watch’s machinations. The Caliber JJ02 is both a beautiful and intricate component and offers top of the line performance. The C900 Harrison is blessed with both sophistication and reliability. It opted to use larger watch blueprints that allow the manufacturer to optimize the use of components within the watch, leaving every space in use. This results in the C900 Harrison being one of the most responsive and easily identified luxury watches today. The CW Single Pusher watch has the most fluid sense of control for the wearer. Turning the column wheel, the smooth flow of the seconds counter and shifting of the clutch and sliding gear are all built up to their highest caliber in terms of performance and appearance. The Harrison C Ward series is known for their focus on offering high quality high end watches that are reasonably priced. They have definitely hit another milestone with the C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph Watch.

single puhser front veiw

When it comes to the look of the C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph watch, it is certainly one of the larger high-end watches today. It is a perfect accessory for a stylish event as its eye catching design exudes a sense of sophistication. The C900 Harrison’s stainless steel case has a diameter of 43mm, 51mm from top to bottom and an impressive 15.9mm height. Even with its exceptional size, the Single Pusher is perfectly scaled to accommodate the gears inside without any loose space. One of the best qualities of the C900’s design is its simplicity. It has the classic look of Harrison watches with the slab slides and perfectly curved strap-ends. The bezel or the outer rim of the watch offers a very narrow design but it helps accentuate the smooth curve to help give focus to sapphire crystal dome.

back view of c900

In addition, the C900 Harrison C900SWKR delivers another amazing advancement with the watch’s dial hands. The dial hands of the C900 perfectly blend classiness with subtle and cultured qualities for a very refined feel. The dial of the Single Pusher is actually very simple with the use of a plain white face with shiny black markers with a dual-Compaq and sub-dial display. It has no additional designs within the dial such as markers or luminous designs, just a focus on the perfect duality of black and white. The fonts for the roman numerals are long and thin and are not confusing to the wearer.

The C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph C900SWTR watch offers exceptional quality with an emphasis on affordability. This is one of the best luxury watches by Harrison and is a must-have for any watch enthusiasts.

  • Price in US Dollars $3300.00
  • Price in British Pounds £2450.00
  • Non-EC Price £2041.67

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