Why Should I Buy from Authorized Dealers? Advantages and Disadvantages


1.    Guarantee and Warranty

Watches which do not cost a lot of money may be purchased without going into digging deep to find out the well known sellers. Such watches may be either cheaply replaced with new ones or can be repaired by any watch repair shop without costing any huge sum of money. However, when it comes to luxury watches, it is all different. A designer watch normally costs a considerable amount of money and one would like to make sure that the money spent is well spent. As the name indicates, all authorised dealers should be authorised to provide guarantee for the watch they sell. In addition to the normal warranty by the manufacturer, the authorized dealers will most likely be able to offer its guarantee which, in most cases, ranges between seven to sixty days.

2.    Extended Warranties

Many dealers offer extended warranties on top of what the manufacturer offers. The extended warranty may either be free or a small charge to cover the dealer.

3.  Easy and Professional Repair

Luxury watches have their own complex mechanism of working. In case of a fault that needs to be repaired, it may not be appropriate to take to any watch repairer on the street. They may either be unable to repair or may even make things worse. Authorised dealers usually employee professional and expert watch technicians who know their jobs well. They have either in-house experts or they may have special contracts with specialised watch repairing companies. Authorized dealers may also have access to the manufacturer repair services to fix certain issues. If they are unable to fix the issues, the manufacturer may step in to solve the problem. In case of unauthorised dealers, the official brand owner may not be able to take any action. Many big brands advise not to buy from any unofficial sellers.

4. Authentic Parts and Accessories

Like any other machine, gadget, electronic equipment, a watch is also make of parts. Proper dealers would not only make sure to use authentic parts but also stick to the manufacturer guidelines. This may not be the case of unauthorised vendors.

5.  Peace of Mind

As mentioned earlier, buying a luxury watch is no small investment, it is absolutely essential to buy from places where one can make sure that the product is authentic. These days replicas, counterfeit and fake watches outnumber the authentic ones. In order to save yourself the chances of being ripped off, it is always best to go to those who have the official license to stock and sell the product.


There are no real disadvantages apart from a few concerns which can be easily sorted out. It could be there are not dealers in the area you live in and you may have to travel. Authorized dealers usually will not stock each and every model and may order the watch you want from the manufacturer. For this you have to pay a deposit. Thus you pay in advance for an unseen product. Most authorized dealers have outlets in the high streets or expensive business locations. They also maintain sales person and other staff. So, they may charge exorbitant prices which otherwise could be purchased cheaper.

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