Adidas Chronograph ADH6067


Adidas ADH6067 Unisex Candy Pink Watch There are many different features to this watch and it looks so cool. There is a 2 year warranty on the Adidas Chronograph ADH6067. This watch is water resistance is 50 meters. This means that the watch should never be worn in hot water because heat variation can alter the seals that keeps the watch water tight by the seal expanding or shrinking. It is suitable for accidental splashes and brief water exposure. This watch is not suitable for swimming or any other water sports. Their is an alarm on this watch. The color of the strap is blue. The type of strap is a bracelet. The type of clasp that this watch has is a buckle.

Some of the many functions and the style of the watch are; the chronograph, the date feature, the display, the bracelet strap, and the head casting. The chronograph is what you would find on a stop watch. It displays sud dials for measuring seconds and minutes. The day as well as the date is displayed on the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6067. The bracelet strap of this watch is made from plastic, which is why it should not be worn in hot water. This watch has a digital display. The head casting of the Adidas Candy Chronograph ADH6067 is also made of plastic.

Some other things about this watch include the movement, which tells whether or not it is battery operated. Since this watch’s movement is made of Quartz, it is indeed battery operated. It is a sports watch. The head shape is Tonneau. It is a Unisex watch, which means that any one can wear it. The type of watch the ADh6067 is a wrist watch. The color of the dial is yellow and it has a back light. It is very cool.

Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6082

This watch is so adorable. The information on this watch says that it is unisex but I do not believe it. The Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6082 has a water resistance of 50 metres. Which means that it should not be worn in hot water and is not suitable for water sports other than minor swimming. There is an alarm feature on this watch. The strap type is that of a bracelet. The clasp is a buckle the display is digital. The Bracelet strap, the material the watch strap is made from, on the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6082 is Plastic.

This watch has a plastic head casting. The dial on this Adidas watch is purple. The strap color, color of the strap of the watch, is purple as well. This watch is battery powered. It is a wrist watch that has a backlight and the range of the watch is Candy. The head shape of the Adidas Candy Chronograph ADH6082 is Tonneau. The chronograph is what makes this watch like a stop watch. The features that the stop watch hold are its multifunctional. It has sub dials for measuring second, minutes and hours.

The watch has four gold knobs and the Adidas symbol made of gold. It is a watch that I believe would appeal to the senses of all women. Just the color of the watch catches the eye of trend setters that are male or female. It is a sports watch and could be used for any kind of activity that women want to do. This watch could the perfect present if you know that your girl friend is into sports. This could also be the perfect gift if you know that your male friend is into these colors and will wear the watch. This would be the best find.

Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6002

There are many different functions of the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6002. Some of them are; having a back light, a twenty four hour dial, it displays the month and day, it has an alarm, as well as a Chronograph. What is a chronograph? A Chronograph is the exact same thing as a stop watch. How is a chronograph or stop watch used? It is used to measure time and can be reset and stopped and started over consecutively. The watch is powered by a Japanese Quartz. This simply means that it is battery powered. The Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6002 has a push button deployment as the type of clasp. This watch has a water resistance of fifty metres, which means that it can be used for simple water activities such as; showering and swimming, but should not be used for extensive water sports.

Some other features and styles of the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6002 are the strap color, type, case material, and the dial color. The color of the strap is silver. The Strap type is that of a metal bracelet. The case material is made of stainless steel. The reason that I like this watch is because the dial color is PINK!!!

To me, this watch appeal more to the female audience of Adidas because of the color of the watch. All girly girls love pink and would adore having this particular watch. Guys would get it for their significant others. The over all appeal of the watch is great. The best part is that the watch is very affordable. On top of that, you get a two year guarantee. It is a very sleek and sexy watch for a woman to wear. It does not even look like an adidas watch compared to the other ones they make.

Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061

The Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061 is a great piece of merchandise. It is not only stylish but also has many features and functions that a lot of watches do not have to offer. It is made for a man, but can be worn on a women if she wishes.

The style Of the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061 is very classy. It has a sporty look to it and is the color red. It is oval shaped and has a diameter of 44mm. It is also 14.00mm thick. Its movement type is Digital Quartz and it’s case is made out of plastic. This watch has a plastic strap for the band and the clasp is a buckle. The strap has a width of 23 mm. It is a very nice watch to wear with any kind of outfit. Since it is Adidas it has athletic touch to it.

There are many function that the Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061 has. It offers a timer, that is good for running laps or doing athletic activities. The timer can be used for many different things as well such as cooking, school work, swimming, and much more. There is also an alarm on the watch. There will be no need to set an actual alarm clock with your Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061 on your arm or even by your bed side. It also has Lap Memory, which is great for people that run races or do track. This watch also has a chronograph feature. A chronograph is used for recording time. That is also perfect for an athlete needing to keep time of things concerning their activities. The watch has a calendar as well that hold the time, date, and location of your events.

The Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6061 is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe and offers many functions and features that will help out in many circumstances.

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