Adidas Candy Chronograph Watch ADH6060


ADH6060The case is 44mm wide by 13mm deep. This watch is water resistant up to 50 meters deep and can be warn for most water activities that don’t involve deep diving or high impact water sports. Its display is in chronograph which is an analog display with sub dials used for timing. The strap is made of ribbed rubber. It shows the current date and has a programmable alarm clock. It is powered by quartz which is a long life battery.


It is a unisex design that can be warn in most day to day activities like in the workplace or having fun in the sun. With an easy to read case that displays time and date and has additional features for timing and setting an alarm. The battery has a long life and is easy to change.


This sleek and sporty design can be warn to almost any social event and is a must have for outdoor activities. It doesn’t slide around on your wrist and fits comfortably in place with a rubber band that has a cushy ribbed design.


It makes a great his or her gift for day to day adventurist and makes a great go to reliable watch for yourself. With a long lasting battery it hardly needs any maintenance. Seniors love its simplicity. The alarm features are optimum for any profession that involves travel or even a college student living in a dorm. Moms on the go will love its versatility and fashionable appeal. It’s perfect for all seasons of the year being water resistant and having a long battery life for those days that it’s too cold to leave the house. The band is comfortable enough to wear from day to night without sliding out of place and looks fashionable.

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