Adidas ADH6068


candy black rubberBy now everyone is familiar with the fine line of clothing and accessories from Adidas. Adidas has become a trusted name in fashion and sport for many years. Adidas has also been producing some of the most popular models of watches. Understanding contemporary trends in styling and practical need has enabled this leading company to capture the attention of the discriminating shopper who is looking for the newest and best that is on the market. With this in mind, Adidas has released a new and very exciting line of watches called the Adidas Candy Chronograph Collection.

Quite simply, these watches are flat out eye catching. Providing multiple digital functions is one of the things that makes this timepiece hugely popular. With accurate time display, date and day functions, and a very helpful stopwatch, you can tell a lot of thought and attention to detail went into the development of this hot market release.

You will love the clear visual presentation of number values. No irritating need to turn your watch ten different ways to see what your looking for. The durable band of polyurethane with a sturdy metal clasp is certainly no slouch when it comes to longevity. Still, with all this being said, for some we have left the best for last. If you are going after a look that will make a statement of color, fashion and flair all wrapped up into one, than the Adidas Candy chronograph is for you.

Offered in dazzling cheerful colors of pink, orange, bright green, and yellow as well as some classic shades, this watch becomes the perfect fashion accesory for everything from your favorite pair of jeans to your jogging sweats. The latter suggesting the value of the stopwatch for joggers and people who enjoy timed workouts. And you do not have to be concerned when your in the pool. This quality timepiece is water resistant to fifty meters.

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