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Breitling Avenger – Watch in Review

Breitling_colt_pink_diamond_cutThe Breitling Avenger is very brutally rugged, durable, precise, Swiss made, gray, gun metal looking professional titanium that well feeds your machismo. It retails for a steeply rough $4,500.00. It can be had, however for a range of $3,300.00 to $3,400.00, when purchased new and online. If you would rather hold a metal wrist sculpture in your very hands, or better still, to see an exquisitely handsome piece in person, then you are free to purchase this fine watch at a brick and mortar jewelry store. It is best to weigh available warranties, prices, new or used status, shipping options and the purchasing convenience of your investment.

The Breitling Avenger is automatic with a chronograph and a deployment buckle clasp type. It features a small date window at the three mark, a stopwatch that is marked at fifteen second intervals, better than the norm water resistance, black, blue or white dial colors and suitable for business, pleasure, and every moment in between.

Water. Land. Air. You need not set aside your sense of style and panache for your sense of unbridled adventure. In fact, we encourage you to live your life in a fashion demonstrative of your refined tastes. Go!

Breitling BlackBird Review

The Breitling Blackbird has an officially certified chronometer movement, the certification must come from Switzerland. It is an unusual watch in that it has the date in the 12 o’ clock position. This differentiates the Blackbird from the date being in either the 3 o’clock position or at the bottom. The Breitling Blackbird has a black dial and a black sub-dial.

The watch has a beautiful brushed stainless steel bracelet and keeps excellent time . This Breitling is a limited edition in that there will only be a specific amount manufactured. It is manufactured in Switzerland and has a screw down crown giving it a touch of class. The crystal is sapphire and thus scratch resistant and anti-reflective. A unidirectional bezel is a feature of this watch making it an excellent timepiece for keeping time of a specific event. It is automatic, meaning it is wound by the motion of your wrist or with an automatic winder.

A 12 month warranty is included taking any worry from ownership. Breitling is a name you can trust and this would be a fine watch for someone to own. Your classy taste in watches will be complimented with this watch on your wrist


Leading the pack in chronograph watch making, Breitling offers the Breitling Chronomat, touted as the one of the most accurate timepieces available in the world. Protecting the Breitling’s Caliber 13 mechanical movement is a solid polished stainless steel casing, and with the details of a threaded crown and chronograph pusher casings, the Breitling Chronomat is able to withstand submersion to a pressure of 30 bars, or 1000 feet.

Sporty and sleek, the Breitling Windrider Chronomat Evolution series combines good looks with unerring time piece efficiency. This Breitling watch is available in a variety of finish combinations and colors, making each piece a creation with distinction. Coming standard with a scratch-resistant, non-glare Sapphire crystal and easy-to-read subdials, the Windrider sports a rotating bezel and choice of pilot bracelet or leather strap.

Other features include luminescent markers and clock hands, and the Breitling Windrider Chronomat Evolution Co-Pilot comes with an easy-to-read digital function to display take-off and landing times. In addition to the convenience of a durable self-winding chronometer movement, Breitling backs every timepiece investment with a Certificate of Authenticity and a three-year warranty. Beautiful, efficient, timely and durable, the Breitling Chronomat sets the standard for perfect accuracy in the watch-making industry.

Breitling Colt Watch Review

The watch is clearly manufactured to work under any conditions. The brushed steel case and bracelet are visibly attractive and indicative of being extremely tolerant to negative conditions including deep water pressure. The Breitling Colt Watch is functional and impressive in detailed workmanship and highly durable materials such as the scratch resistant and glare proof sapphire crystal lid. The watch will let you know what time it is even in the dark with fine luminescent pointing markers and actual hour indicators. What might hold you back from making such a watch one of your prized watches might be the price tag. Retailing at a little over 2500, the Breitling Colt Watch is actually an investment. Of course, for the look of a Rolex at a more reasonable price, the price begins to look palatable especially since the Breitling is acquiring a collector’s status level. When bought new, the watch comes with a three year warranty. This watch would be great for the outdoor kind of person who also enjoys wearing only the finest in jewelry and this watch is like the finest in functional jewelry.
Another feature that is practically desirable is that in this watch the cover and the back are screwed on rather than the conventional pop out found in some other watches. That feature adds to the protection of the inner workings of the watch and its high tolerance to any conditions.

Breitling Evolution Watch Review

The Breitling Evolution Watch is a very durable watch that has excellent craftmanship and quality. The watch is a little pricey but my husband was asking for the Breitling Windrider Chronomat Evolution Chronograph Steel Automatic Men’s and he is thrilled with it.

There are pro’s and con’s to everything and that includes this watch. A pro is the color of the watch and bracelet. The bracelet is black with yellow interior and the watch itself is gray or silver, so all the colors go together great. Another pro to this watch is that it’s water resitance to 300 meters, my husband is in the water alot and needs a watch like that.

A con to this watch would be the price. I relaly think it is a nice wath but like I mentioned before it is a little high priced. I must say the price was well worth it though, so I don’t want to be negative in any way. The only other con I can think of is that the watch looked a little small on my husband’s wrist. Overall the watch is a good watch and we are very pleased with the purchase. I give this five stars.

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