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C9 Jumping Hour MK 2 Limited EditionC9JH-SWKR-MK2 is the Real Deal

My wife called my crazy when I pulled the trigger for it. I simply could not resist it. When I saw it, I whispered to myself, “Man, that is for me.” Before that I was thinking of Panerai California which I know is a totally different design and look. Also, I had planned for the […]

C7 MKII British Green Racing Watch Limited Edition

Just like MKI was a triumph, victory and sign of pride, substance and style, it successor is MKII which can be described as exceptionally worthy. The artistry of the designer speaks here in the skill that they have successfully evolved a new classical design, yet they have not lost the essence of the original. The […]

C70 DBR1 Chronometer Version Limited Edition C70DBR1-COSC

Are these 300 pieces or 500? The manufacturer website mentions in one place these to be 500 limited editions world wide, while in another post it says these are 300 globaly! Another site known as tempusfugitwatch-dot-com mentions the C70 DBRI were limited only to 200 pieces. My guess is that these were initially produced 200 […]

Christopher Ward C7 Bluebird LTD Edition a Tribute to Campbell Railton Blue Bird Car

Sir Malcolm Campbell will forever be remembered for his land speed record on a Campbell-Railton Blue Bird car. This final record-breaking car of Sir Campbell was the motivation behind the C7 Blue Bird Limited Edition watch that was launched during the centennial celebration of the icon’s first ‘Blue Bird’ car. At the same time of […]

Leather Strap C60 Trident COSC Limited Ed C60-COSC-SKK

The most popular among the earlier CW version is C60 Trident GMT and automatic range. To upgrade this to a new level of excellence, quality and accuracy, Christopher Ward have produced a limited edition watch of only 500 pieces around the world. This is backed by the COSC certification of high standard and extra ordinary […]

C7 Italian Racing Red Red Chronometer Lets Go Message to the World

From front to back, thickness to strap design, this limited edition Christian Ward watch has a message to the world, “Let’s go!” Inspired by the Italian race team color, the C7 IRR watch, loudly and proudly displays a flaming red dial under the stainless steel hour and minute hands. This timepiece is fueled by the […]

Panerai California

This fantastic watch is one to feed those who are addicted to vintage watches. These were luanced in a very limited edition. Only 1000 pieces worldwide. [phpbay keywords=”panerai california” num=”6″ siteid=”15″ customid=”panerai california” sortorder=”BestMatch” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″]

Is C9 Jumping Hour Mark 11 MK11 any Better Thank MK1?

After the great success of the C9 Jumping Hour Mark I, the Mark 11 has been further refined by the German designer Johannes Jahnke. The designer himself said that C9 Jumping Hour MK11 Limited Edition is the most precise jumping hour watch which has ever been produced in the world. Christopher Ward have shown their […]

Christopher Ward C900 Single Pusher Chronograph What the Web Says About It

This video collects information from around the web and the views of the customers who already bought it, worn it and left their feedback. Click here to the visit the official site. C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph Latest engineering, masterpiece, wonderful creation, premium, loving etc are some of the phrases and epithets you find around […]

C900 Single Puhser theMost Complicated and Striking CW Watch

Chris Ward have not yet produced a watch as expensive as the C900 Single Pusher. The team at CW think that the chronograph is beyond question and it is the most complicated watch since the company started manufacturing watches. The sophistication of the watch is at new level and the value it offers to more […]