Christopher Ward C5 Slimline is Terrfic, Inspiring and Legendary

‘Christopher wards C 5 Melvin slim line watches are really terrific and a great product for a great price with an excellent service. It’s not often that anybody buy a product from Christopher Ward that is impressive and glamorous. Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Slimline is a very nice dress watch for a very competitive price. […]

C50 Malvern COSC Watch Intricately Designed in Britain and Hand Crafted in Switzerland

This glossy, upscale watch is a classic watch for the classy gentleman.  It is the very first chronometer by Christopher Ward to be a certified COSC, or Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres. The Malvern COSC Watch is an updated, modern version of Christopher Ward’s first watch. The watch is made of the finest, quality materials […]

C9 Harrison Big Day Date Watch: An Exquisite Minimalist Design

There is no better inspiration for master watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke, than the idea of change. It can be seen from every model of the Christopher Ward Harrison lineage that he has made. Each is delicately designed to be different from the other in its features and each has a movement complication that is entirely unique […]

The Buzz About the New C7 Rapide Chronograph Watch

So you probably have heard some buzz about the new C7 chronograph watch, right? We did too. And, so we decided to present you with a review to satiate your curiosity. The idea of enjoying Swiss luxury was farfetched for many of us before, but thanks to the borderline crazy efforts of Chris, we can […]

C7 Italian Racing Red Red Chronometer Lets Go Message to the World

From front to back, thickness to strap design, this limited edition Christian Ward watch has a message to the world, “Let’s go!” Inspired by the Italian race team color, the C7 IRR watch, loudly and proudly displays a flaming red dial under the stainless steel hour and minute hands. This timepiece is fueled by the […]

Christopher Ward C7 Bluebird LTD Edition a Tribute to Campbell Railton Blue Bird Car

Sir Malcolm Campbell will forever be remembered for his land speed record on a Campbell-Railton Blue Bird car. This final record-breaking car of Sir Campbell was the motivation behind the C7 Blue Bird Limited Edition watch that was launched during the centennial celebration of the icon’s first ‘Blue Bird’ car. At the same time of […]

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Green Watch A Bit of Spice and Some Playful Kick

No man could go wrong with this classy-looking Christopher Ward C60 Trident Green watch that comes at a very affordable price. With its impressive specs and elegant look, you will definitely mistake it for a high-priced model. Truth be told, this Rolex-inspired wrist wear can be yours for a little over $850. Surprising, right? The […]

What is in the Hand Crafted C60 Trident Red Watch Inspired by 1954 Rolex GMT

A classic watch is an important addition to any mans outfit. The C60 Trident Red Watch is a classic timepiece with Swiss automatic movement. It comes with a metal bracelet or green alligator printed leather wrist strap which provide the ability for the wearer to use it for any occasion, whether for diving or in […]

An Amazing Entry into Luxury Watches C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph Watch

At $3,300 the C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph watch is another amazing entry to the long list of luxury watches. It offers superb quality that can rival most luxury watches that are priced at $5,000 making it a very good investment for watch aficionados. The main attraction of the C900 is its patented Caliber JJ02 […]

Christopher Ward C900 Worldtimer Watch A Striking, Magnificient and Creative Time Piece

There is another great entry from the creations of Chris Ward, the new model, the C900 World Timer. This is a striking, magnificent and a creative time piece which is a treat to the eye. The world timer is most useful wrist watch especially in these days where we all know people around the globe. […]

Christopher Ward C900 Worldtimer Watch A Striking, Magnificient and Creative Time Piece

There is another great entry from the creations of Chris Ward, the new model, the C900 World Timer. … [Read More...]

C9 Jumping Hour MK 2 Limited EditionC9JH-SWKR-MK2 is the Real Deal

My wife called my crazy when I pulled the trigger for it. I simply could not resist it. When I saw … [Read More...]

C700 Grand Rapide

Does the C700 Grand Rapide match the Ferrari's dashboard? That could be the possibility and  source … [Read More...]

C7 MKII British Green Racing Watch Limited Edition

Just like MKI was a triumph, victory and sign of pride, substance and style, it successor is MKII … [Read More...]

C90 Power Reserve, Love Sought is Good but Given Unsought is Better

I like watches, but I do not know too many technical things apart from a few features and the … [Read More...]

Ward C60 Trident GMT watch

In the sport series of CW, the GMT C60 Trident is one of the largest collections. The Trident GMT is … [Read More...]

Is C9 Jumping Hour Mark 11 MK11 any Better Thank MK1?

After the great success of the C9 Jumping Hour Mark I, the Mark 11 has been further refined by the … [Read More...]

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Jump Hour Review

Before you watch the video you may read all 16 reviews by previous customers here. If Christopher … [Read More...]

What Do They Say About Christopher Ward C3 Malvern Chronograph MK II

Christopher Ward Watch Co. prides themselves in creating a wonderful collection classic … [Read More...]

C9 Harrison GMT Automatic C9 GMT SST Sophistication and Elegance

The C9 Harrison GMT Automatic C9 GMT SST is a watch of extreme sophistication and understated … [Read More...]

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